Exposed – the utter Hypocrisy of the Paedophile British Establishment

Does Chatham House dictate the policy of the  United Nations ?

Source : UK Column

UK Column News – 12th July 2016  

Published on 12 Jul 2016

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Ellis from Strategic Defence Initiatives for today’s news programme, including:

START Ides of May : future PM stutters with Freudian angst
03:27 An audience of the Living Dead : political sycophants
04:02 Distasteful praise of William Hague for PM-to-be May
06:29 Brexit Forecasts : Austrian Finance Minister Schelling
08:05 Constitutional sabotage organisation weaves subterfuge
09:58 Duplicity & debt as the primary means of domination
12:15 Nicola Sturgeon dressed for death : Public Servant…?
14:31 Civil Service Live & theatrical ‘Impactful Leadership’
16:53 Phobias disseminated by REFRAMED political slaves
19:15 Inverse-reversing-techniques of psychological subversion
20:37 Chatham House & the cynical promotion of ‘Women…’
21:28 “Everything is being used…” : religion, sexes, ideologies
22:41 Sadistic & systematic abuse of children – the British Isles
24:39 Third Sector fig-leaves to sustain trafficking of Children
26:52 ‘Russia wants war’ diagram effectively discredits NATO
28:38 Franco British Council warfare & British Military regress
32:14 So – “Who is currently writing British Defence Policy…?”
35:23 Deliberate Suffocation of British Industry into Extinction
37:15 Policies without substance & politicians on global autopilot
40:29 “We’ll hemorrhage currency, we’ll hemorrhage our industry…”
42:18 New Boeing P-8A to hunt Illegal Migrants in the Mediterranean
43:27 European Union Military Union & its Implications for Britain
45:59 HSBC ( ‘Too Big To Prosecute’ ) is allied to George Osborne



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