Everything in east Congo will be ok now because John Prendergast is coming…

Yes, everything in north and south Kivu will be ok now because John Prendergast is coming. And they have finally thought to put a black Mr Nice-guy in the picture – Don Cheadle from `Hotel Rwanda`.You probably are a nice guy Don Cheadle so please don`t hang-out with John Prendergast.

Who the hell is John Prendergast anyway? He is the pretty boy. He is a PR job for the CIA and he hosts lots of nice kind, philanthropic humanitarian, give the blacks some clean water NGOs.

Well he`s been busy in Uganda with the LRA`s invisible children and he`s been busy in Sudan with rape victims and starvation and now he is coming to the DRC.

What John Prendergast`s role is, is to soften-up/prime western media for US/UK good works in war torn, afflicted African states.He tends to appear, as they do, about 15 years too late. When people are so exhausted from years of low intensity warfare, ( that is a term used for mass rape, starvation and genocide) that they couldn`t care a less who or what wants the blinking resources.

Anyway the actions of NGOs such as these are really no different to the Devil offering you a glass of cold water in Hell.And in fact you may be so tired of torture, excruciating flames, screams and suffering that when the Devil offers you this refreshing drink you might actually catch yourself thinking : My, isn`t he a nice chap!

These NGOs are the clean-up team. You would also not be surprised how many of these NGO people work for intelligence agencies. And what they ultimately are, are the Public Relations Representatives for mining/resource corporations. Because that is how it works ( in time). Yes, we will dig up your beautiful homeland, toxify it, loot the dosh but we will build some little schools and a little hospital with some roads in between so all the little children at the little school who get a little sick from our toxic mining practices can go to the little hospital on the little roads.

It really is the Devil with a glass of cool-aid in Hell.

If you find it hard to believe look up the donors, just follow the money.

You see the likes of Mr Prendergast owe their philanthropy to an ideology of racial superiority. They get off on being the ministering angel helping poor black victims of suffering.But they have never missed lunch, never watched their mum or sister being raped, never known what it means to be completely isolated from justice.

John Prendergast is a bon ami of Roger Winters. Roger Winters is the UNHCR top man.He knows where the next refugee concentration camp will be needed because he has already started the war.

That`s how the CIA/MI6 etc etc work, like Roger Winters in Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda. They put feelers out for `rebels`, nasty people who have had nasty lives that make them nasty people, ruthless, brutal. They hone and nurture the ambitions of `rebels` then they fund them, get arms for them and pick-up trucks, lots of pick-ups( like ISIS), probably because they have a CIA deal going with Toyota (alleged, don`t take seriously but might be true). Then they fan the flames of some mythical ancient non-existent tribal conflict and get nasty rebels to really hate a particular group of people and butcher them.

Now the cunningness of their plan lies here: they don`t want to see the nasty rebels get anywhere. What they want is an excuse for foreign intervention, humanitarian assistance from big rich powerful countries to come in and fight the nasty rebels and stop them from raping and butchering people with the pick-up trucks, machetes and AK47s that they supplied.

That is what you call a devilish cunning plan.

If they can get the nasty rebels to overthrow the incumbent  government then all the better. Because then they don`t just get to kill the nasty rebels they get the government and country too. (And mineral resources of course.)

Life is of course never that simple and like a game of chess, maneuvering power structures can be complicated.

Sometimes they find not nasty rebels but quite nice rebels with a decent cause due to the fact that the CIA/MI6 etc etc already own most governments in Africa, many of which (most of which?) are darn-right nasty to their populations.

The likes of John Prendergast are in Africa to save Africans from themselves. They are also there to save gorillas-in-the-mist, chimpanzees, cheetahs, elephants and rhino from Africans. They are there to save Africa from Africans.

You see the likes of John Prendergast think that Africans just eat wild animals because they like the taste. He does not realize that in some of the most mineral rich countries on Earth, protein has become scarce, as in very scarce. Because he`s never been poor enough to know what it feels like to really crave protein. And in John Prendergast`s mind wild animals are only part of an ecology, an ecosystem, that green pristine paradise that is strangely devoid of human beings.

You know it`s like  in those kind of people`s minds Africans never connected with wild animals before, they just ate them. Like their culture and religion and whole raison d`etre has never had anything to do with lions, hyenas, zebra, buffalo, eagles. Like their ancient, ancient cultural symbols depict kebabs ( bits of animal on a skewer) instead of lions, eagles, cobras ,hyenas etc.

It`s a bit like `Lucy`. Lucy in the sky with diamonds.That most ancient human skeleton ever found in Kenya. NGOs like those of John Prendergast go out to Keeenya to show poor Keeeyans how to farm. Makes you wonder how Kenyans feel about `Lucy`.Did her great great grandchildren farm?

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