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A Decision that Cannot be Delayed

Time to Kick the British Empire to the Curb


As the spokesman for the movement of American statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche in South Africa, I warmly welcome and applaud the opening of the African branch of the New Development Bank BRICS (or NDB BRICS) in Johannesburg.


Lyndon LaRouche

This new bank, headquartered in Shanghai, is the centerpiece of a new global economic order emerging from Eurasia, one that can replace the decadent and totally bankrupt, monetarist trans-Atlantic financial system, dominated by the British Empire and its Wall Street satrapy. The leadership of the new bank has already stated its intention to provide precisely the credit for development that the City of London and Wall Street have withheld. And it is credit for development that is the most potent weapon against the drive for war and chaos now unleashed by the dying British Empire and its financial system.

For South Africa, and for Africa as a whole, the development initiatives of fellow BRICS members Russia, China, and India—as President Zuma stated recently, including in his State of the Nation remarks—are precisely the means to combat unemployment and raise the productive capacities of all of our peoples, enabling an emergence from the shackles of imperialist policy that has treated us not as human beings with a God-given capacity to create, but as mere beasts, whose cost of maintenance can no longer be sustained, and whose burdensome costs must be eliminated through mass slaughter by any means necessary. This is the long-stated policy of global genocide of His Royal Virus Prince Philip, the cadaver-like consort of the Queen of the British Empire.

We never asked to be part of the British Empire. It was originally imposed on us by force of arms. Our people have never been treated as anything more than useful beasts by these imperial masters. And now finally, as our government takes us into alliance with the peaceful but powerful forces of Eurasia that comprise the heart of the BRICS alliance, we have started, finally, to walk down the road, once envisioned by the great Mandela. It is a pathway that will lead to the long overdue development of the nations and peoples of Africa, emerging from the darkness of imperial rule and enforced backwardness. It is a pathway that will see our nation, with its proud cadre of scientists and engineers, playing an important role in placing mankind as a whole back on the road to become true masters of our solar system, of our galaxy, and of the universe beyond.

And yet, and yet … Even with great vistas opening unto us, we remain inside that Empire of our oppressors, which calls itself the British Commonwealth. Why is that?

Let me be clear: There are two pathways before us. The policy of the British Empire and its degenerate Royal Family and their financial retainers in the global banking system, is to kill six billion or more people globally. The BRICS are the enemy of this policy. The differences are irreconcilable. Listen to the rantings of that servant of the British Empire, the American President Barack Obama, against Russia and China, and see clearly that a potential thermonuclear war looms on the near horizon. Despite the efforts of good men and women to seek peace—and efforts of Russian President Vladimir Putin, especially, to secure such peace, including in Syria and elsewhere—as long as Obama remains with his shaky fingers on the nuclear trigger, the war danger remains.

We cannot walk down these two divergent paths. We must, in the name of our progeny and of all mankind, make our choice now and for the future. I say, stand and fight for a new just world economic order, the one that Mandela sought, and the one that Putin’s Russia and the Chinese propose to bring into existence. I say put both feet on that path, and with the sense of urgency that these times demand, let us remove ourselves from all institutions of the British Empire. I say, as I have before, toss all the pictures of the Queen and her family into the bonfire of history. It is high time that we finally grow into the beckoning greatness that we must be, as the leader of a new and developing Africa.

Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane LaRouche South Africa 14 March 2016


For LaRouche’s proposal to turn the United States around, to become a collaborator with the BRICS instead of its adversary, read The United States Joins the New Silk Road (December 2015), https://larouchepac.com/20151229/us-joins-new-silk-road

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