Empire`s Key Puppet States Rwanda and Uganda

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Burundi: Another UN leaked report accusing Rwanda

Does anyone remember the Mapping Report, which was finally published on October 1st, 2010 but had unfortunately to be covered with dust since?

The report tracked crimes committed during a period of 10 years starting from 1993 to 2003 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It accused Rwanda for having committed crimes of genocide nature if they were brought in front of a court. Victims had been hutu refugees and congolese populations.







This time, the report referring to the case of involvement of Rwanda in the destabilisation of Burundi was transmitted on January 15th, 2016 to the UN Security Council by Gaston Gramajo, coordinator of the Group of UN Experts on DRC extended pursuant Sc resolution 2198 (2015).

Reading this new report, one clearly observes that FARDC are strongly infiltrated by forces (probably working indirectly with Rwanda and Uganda) which are fighting the presence of Malawians and Tanzanians in the Force Intervention Brigade consisting of these two nationalities and South Africans.

In 2013, M23 Rwanda-heavily backed rebel group was defeated with the help of that force.Since then there has been relative peace in the Kivu provinces of Eastern Congo. Total stability is far from being achieved.

As for specifically the situation related to Burundi, 18 Burundian combatants who were met in South Kivu province told the experts that they had been recruited in Mahama camp inside Rwanda.

They had been given two months of military training by Rwandan instructors. Equipped with false DRC identity cards, they were told that their mission was to remove Burundian president Pierre Nkurunziza from power.

For more than 20 years, ample evidence has shown that Rwanda and at some extent Uganda were destabilizing factors in the Great Lakes region since the early 90s. But because these two countries are strong US allies, any finger pointing towards the crimes they commit against civilians seem vain. Will the victims remain indefinitely at the mercy of their killers? That is the main question.

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  1. Yes, I think the piece is worthwhile for the piece of iftarmonion it contains. But in that it’s just like the rest of the corporate media one needs to disregard the propaganda.As for the conspiracy theories about Wikileaks, those are silly on their face. It’s a no brainer that elites want to monopolize iftarmonion. And how would Wikileaks as a system ploy help them? It does nothing to mobilize the passive mass in favor of the wars and so on. They simply remain passive. But little by little it does mobilize more resistance as it helps wake up the people who are accessible to it.The most important thing to me is simply that it’s an existential statement of principle, embodied in action, that all system iftarmonion is public property and the elites have zero right to monopolize it in the form of secrecy .If Assange were a double agent, why have him issue anti-elite manifestoes? It’s like when I see a website on food which is new to me. It may be hard to tell precisely what its politics are, and there are lots of astroturfer sites out there.But I figure if the site has direct anti-corporate statements, that’s a good indication that it’s probably on the level. The kind of crackpot Machiavellianism which would have to be involved in e.g. a Monsanto astroturf attacking Monsanto by name, while not impossible, is something we know doesn’t work in reality, and it’s hard to picture anyone actually doing that. (But conspiracy theorists always think everyone acts like that.) Although you know more about these sites than I do, so maybe you’ll point out examples of how I’m mistaken there.I think if they wanted a double-agent leak site, they could use a nihilistic thug like Zuckerberg. Or for that matter Gawker, which has expressed such rabid hatred of Wikileaks, evidently out of sheer jealousy, to the point that it offered bounties on whistleblowers.Well, I don’t claim to know for sure. But those are some basic impressions on the matter.It would be great if we could get leaks on what the FDA is really saying in secret about raw milk, relocalization, the bill, etc.

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