Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea are on a rock strata laden with very large alluvial diamonds, almost a unique region in the world for the size of its diamonds.These are the size of diamonds investors regard as highly valuable. Today`s economic climate and lack of trust in paper money is pushing the investment market towards physical assets.As the world`s gold price is a fraudulent `fix`, it could be that big diamonds are the next best investment.Hence  Ebola and Operation Jungle Storm.

Guinea is further rich in resources with some of the world`s largest and highest grade deposits of iron ore, as well as bauxite ,the ore from which aluminium is derived.This  deposit of iron ore is one of the largest untapped worldwide and has been assessed with a potential for annual production of 200m tonnes for the next 25 years.With the planned railroad and port being built for extraction, this will be Africa`s largest ever mining venture.

47-50% of Guineans live below the poverty line.

Guinea`s iron ore deposits are in the Simandou Mountains.If Rio Tinto has its way these mountains will be evacuated, destroyed, raped and pillaged and make a trillion dollar fortune for investors; most likely leaving

47-50% of Guineans living below the poverty line.

The rights to mine this deposit are a continuing saga of yet another corporate feeding frenzy in Africa.The usual load of suspects are involved. Beny Steinmetz looks to be losing out but no loss to him as he is involved in Liberia`s Ebola diamonds as well as the DRC`s blood-drenched diamonds. George Soros is involved so it would be no surprise if he has made a huge donation to the Ebola Program for de-population and destabilization of mineral-rich Guinea.Mark Malloch-Brown is involved, he is former deputy head of the United Nations, (no hear, no see, no talk – UN.) South African investors are involved and apparently so too are South African security forces. ( Executive Outcomes was the South African security/mercenary force used to protect the diamond interests of De Beers during Sierra Leone`s civil war.)

Guinea has a long history of extrajudicial killings, arbitrary detention,acts of violence and brutality carried out by the Guinean military and sanctioned by government. In 2009 on 28 September, 150 peaceful protesters assembled in a stadium in Conakry were shot dead, women were raped in public and a further 1500 were injured by beatings carried out by government forces.

This is what life is for The People in Guinea, 47-50%  of whom live below the poverty line in a country that produces 94% of Africa`s bauxite.




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