What do Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea have in common? Strangely enough more than just Ebola. Western Liberia is part of an Archaean age craton which spreads into Sierra Leone and Guinea. This type of rock strata is full of diamondiferous kimberlites.

What makes the diamonds of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea so special is that this is one of the rare regions in the world containing large alluvial diamonds, ie. whopping huge rocks of 300 plus carats.

March 2014 – first outbreak of Ebola in Liberia

August 2013–  Youssef Diamond Mining  announces `exciting new discovery of diamonds in Liberia’s cratonic region` at their Camp Alpha Project in Liberia. Exciting because this kimberlite `pipe` may well be economically feasible to mine. Only 1% of the 6500 kimberlites discovered world-wide are feasible to mine.

Does this make Ebola Operation Jungle Storm? (Operation Desert Storm-Kuwait-downfall of Saddam Hussein and the entire state of Iraq)

Zimbabwe has recently hosted an international diamond conference.The outcome of the conference established the fact that the demand for polished diamonds is expected to outstrip supply over the next decade. The president of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses stated that the demand for polished diamonds will grow to 6.4% over the next decade while rough diamond supply will only grow at a compound rate of 2%.

You may wonder how these people know such precise future figures!???

The world diamond trade is a cartel. They set the prices, supply and demand. Diamonds are not scarce.

Liberian diamonds are 25% gem quality. 40% near gem and 35% industrial. The Star of Sierra Leone was dug up in the Koidu area in 1972. It is the largest alluvial diamond ever discovered. It is 968.9-carat and is of perfect chemical purity. It was sold to a private buyer for $2.5 million 42 years ago.

In neighboring Sierra Leone Beny Steinmetz is operating within the Koidu area with his Octea Group, part of Steinmetz BSG Resources Corporation. Beny Steinmetz is connected to Dan Gertler connected to Maurice Templesman connected to genocide wherever they go especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We do not as yet have the documentation to prove that DeBeers/AngloAmerican financed Executive Outcomes which was a private South African based mercenary company to destabilize Sierra Leone in the 1990s civil war. But we have every bit of evidence to point to the fact this is what happened.

“Our  problem in this country is that we have too many DeBeers interested in our mineral resources who stirred up this war. When I saw that people were playing with our country I called upon the RUF in the name of peace.” Major Johnny-Paul Koroma of the Sierra Leonean army, 1997.

Ebola is a man-made disaster. The Ebola virus was patented by the United States department for health (CDC). The patent number is US20120251502A1. Ebola is part of the new Humanitarian Imperialism/Fascism. It is a cover-story for increased US/UK presence in countries where resources are wanted. Ebola is about corporations wanting to control resources-rich areas, it is about de-populating areas, it is about gaining control. It is about having a cover-story to look good in the eyes of the public.

The International Charter for Space and Major Disasters ( UK based) has been called in to assist in the management of Ebola. This Charter is an international agreement to provide free satellite images but its activation in October 2014 was the first time it has been activated to assist with the response to a disease. ( info from allafrica.com). The Charter will allow the WHO to acquire satellite pictures of Sierra Leone and Guinea and will provide maps and areal overviews of rural areas.

Now get this straight folks……`They` need satellite images of diamond fields to help people with an hemorrhagic fever ???

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