“We go to war against this anti-human disease” says  smacked out Bob Geldof about his new money raising `Live Aid` for Ebola.

“Bob Geldof is a c###” said Jane Bussmann and she is so right!

The United Nations, no less, has called upon Bob Geldof yet again. Geldof`s career as a Mr. Nice Guy took off in 1985 after the roaring success of Live Aid in raising funds and awareness of the famine in Ethiopia. After this roaring success for Ethiopians …errrr sorry not Ethiopians…after this success for Geldof and corporate control in Ethiopia; Geldof was appointed a member of the Commission for Africa, a think- tank for Britain`s Africa policy.The man who appointed this jaded pop star to advise on British foreign policy was Tony Blair.Even in Britain, Tony Blair is widely regarded as a war criminal for his murder of Iraq.

Bob Geldof is a PUBLIC RELATIONS psyop for the militarized presence of UK and USA in West Africa. YOOOOO folks wake up! This is really such an old trick now!

The first time this was used was in the late 1960s. This was also the first famine of the 20th century in Africa. And that was NO coincidence.Elf  ( Total)  along side the French Jacques Foccart network armed, funded and trained the forces of Col. Ojukwu. The idea was for Biafra to secede from British controlled Nigeria. Lots of oil in Biafra, lots. Anyway Britain re-enforced Nigerian troops, Ojukwu started to loose and plan B was brought into operation by Elf . Plan B involved marketing the idea of famine and genocide being wrought on the Biafrans. A marketing company, Mark Press, was paid to promote the idea in Western media that there was a humanitarian disaster in Biafra.  The roaring success of this PR campaign then allowed for the militarized presence of the French in Biafra. There was a disaster in Biafra, hundreds of thousands of people starved to death but it was because of oil, resources and corporations.

The 1980s were the el-Nino drought years of Africa but Ethiopia`s famine was not caused by drought. The Ethiopian government sent its troops to the northern province which supported the Eritrean cause and its secession from Ethiopia and the result was a flood of refugees. But they were political refugees and not climatic refugees. Destabilization of Ethiopia, secession of Eritrea and control of the Horn of Africa, Gulf of Aden and the Suez Canal were the issue. Through a PR campaign for humanitarian intervention, hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians died, and the compassion of the public paid for US and British presence in Soviet allied Ethiopia of Mengistu Haile Mariam. By 1991 the Transitional Federal Government ( Western term for Western coup and foreign run government) of Meles Zenawi was in power in the successfully destabilized Ethiopia. Meles Zenawi was a client of British oil companies and is commonly viewed in Somalia as a war criminal and puppet of the warlords in Westminster and Washington.


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