Duterte Pulls Philippines Out of the Racist International Criminal Court Star Chamber

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Duterte Pulls Philippines Out of the Racist International Criminal Court Star Chamber

March 14, 2018 (EIRNS)—Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte today issued a 15-page legal document declaring that his country was henceforth no longer a member of the International Criminal Court. The ICC has been known since its inception in 2002 as a racist, imperial body, created by networks around George Soros, to impose the dictates of the West upon their former colonies. All but one of the eleven trials the ICC has conducted have been against the leaders of African nations.

Duterte’s statement reviews several legal precedents to justify the withdrawal, but the essence is the following broadside against the UN Human Rights mafia:

“At the onset of my presidency, there appears to be a systematic assault by the United Nations as well as its special rapporteurs not only on my person but on my administration as well, more particularly on the relentless campaign against the proliferation of illegal drugs industry in the country.

“Special rapporteur Agnes Callamard, without proof, and merely relying on news reports and accusations from my critics, has embarked on a campaign against me before the international public and has pictured me as a ruthless violator of human rights and directly responsible for the deaths of its suspects which she describes as extrajudicial killings.

“Recently, two Filipino United Nations special rapporteurs, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz and Cecilia Jimenez-Damary, made public announcements effectively accusing the Philippine government of human rights abuses, killings, and attacks being carried by members of the armed forces against the indigenous communities.

“The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, has joined the United Nations special rapporteurs in maligning my person by saying that I should submit myself to psychiatric examination. He likewise accused me of attacking the special rapporteur of committing widespread extrajudicial executions and engaging in ongoing attacks against voices who are critical of the current appointment, including human rights defender.

“As stated earlier, the International Criminal Courts Special Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda gave a premature public announcement of a preliminary examination thereby creating the impression that I am likely to be charged before the International Criminal Court, violating, therefore, the presumption of innocence accorded me by the Constitution. The accusations of these United Nations officials have the effect of painting me guilty before the eyes of the world. There appears to be a concerted effort on those aforesaid United Nation officials to paint me as a ruthless and heartless violator of human rights.”

Duterte also rejected the ICC rule that says a withdrawal from the body requires a one-year waiting period, concluding that the Philippines is out “effective immediately.”

Several African nations have withdrawn from the ICC and others have refused to prevent targetted leaders from visiting their countries. It’s time to end this imperial Star Chamber.

Source: https://www.larouchepub.com/pr/2018/180314_duterte_out_icc.html

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