DRC Elections 2016



On 16 February 2016 the Congolese Solidarity Campaign hosted a Public forum entitled “Say no to the third term bid” by President Joseph Kabila whose term ends in November this year. The forum was held at Durban. It focused on “no to a third term, no to violation of the Constitution and yes to organization of presidential elections within the constitutional time frame”.

Congolese Solidarity Campaign calls upon our citizens, wherever they are and particularly in Durban and South Africa, to actively participate in democratic process in the country so that we can all prevent an attack and Constitutional coup on our Constitution. On this day, each one of us should come out to give a serious warning to Kabila and all those who want to try to violate our Constitution by remaining in power forever.

Congolese who were party of the forum said that, they suspect Kabila wants to remain in power beyond November this year when his second term ends. The National Independent Electoral Commission is expected to organize both legislative and presidential elections by November 19, 2016, yet it lacks the financial means to launch the electoral process according to the organization, and this has angered our people.


Pictured Kapele Mutachi. Public Relations Officer.

Minutes of silence held to remember those heroes and heroines who been massacred on 16 February 1992 for the cause of Democracy in DR Congo.


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