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9 novembre 2013


Michel Foucault (1926-1984) a French philosopher and a social theorist once said that “an immoral leader is like an animal; a human without ethics is a pagan and societies should not allow unethical mind to lead them.”

LETTER FROM THE NORTH: RPF, THE SATANIC PARTY, THE M23 UROLOGY (PART 1). dans Politiki 10740565065_b927084a8e_c

This piece will be identifying the immorality and unethical behaviours within the RPF terrorist organisation; and the last days leading to the total annihilation of the M23. The behaviours of the RPF and its rulers in the last 20 years have shown the results of paganism and Kafirism within the organisation. The RPF’s criminal organisation only preached deaths, corruptions, wrongful imprisonments and lies; of all which are elements of paganism.

The M23 Urology


Prior to the death of M23 there were political hypocrisies that anointed Dictator Paul Kagame as a field Marshall of Kafirs. This man has been the master of lies, hypocrisy, greedy, immorality and unethical behaviours. This pagan man created the ADFL and when his financial interests where stopped by Laurent Kabila, he created the RCD then CNDP and latest being the M23. In all these games of blood, Dictator Paul Kagame showed the highest levels of paganism and Kafirism.

The last Military death of the M23

On the 27th October 2013, it’s on this date that General Sultan Makenga returned to Bunagana. Since July Sultan Makenga had somehow established his residence in Kampala due to his medical treatment that he was receiving from Kampala International hospital. His presence within the M23 was limited due to his health, that is why few photos were appearing within both the 23 websites and press; and speculation about his death started to surface within the Congolese press due to lack of his presence.

On his arrival to Bunagana Sultan Makenga was briefed by General Eric Murokore about their recent loses and the defeat of RDF’s special forces in Kanyamahoro, Kibumba and Rugari. By the time General Sultan Makenga returned to Bunagana from Kampala, the M23 had already lost a swarthy of territory and on the same day he arrived to Bunagana; Rutshuru and Kiwanja fell to the hands of FARDC. Sultan Makenga was shocked at the rate of retreat by the M23/RDF ground troops.

lt-col-kacheli-musana-watsindiwe-kinyandonyi dans Politiki

A senior M23 Commander and who was part of the briefing told Ikaze Iwacu from Kabale in Uganda that “after Eric Murokore’s briefing to Sultan Makenga; Makenga asked Eric Murokore whether Kagame sent them scouts or Special Forces.” Makenga was in total disbelief at how the RDF/M23’s forces were being destroyed by the FARDC.

On the 28th October 2013, in the early hours of this day the M23/RDF Forces under Lt. Colonel Gaceri Musana that had withdrawn from Rutshuru and Kiwanja were arriving in Bunagana. Lt. Colonel Gaceri Musana briefed the M23 high command about the FARDC’s offensive which he termed as “a combined arms element”. He told this meeting that the FARDC was using an extended line with the support of both heavy artillery and ground attacking helicopters. The meeting decided that they should call their masters in Kigali for more reinforcement and support.

The same senior M23 commander in Kabale Uganda told Ikaze Iwacu that “the M23/RDF command in the Congo contacted Kigali on the 28th of October 2013 for more support, we talked to General Mubarak Muganga several times on this day and we were promised for more support through Runyoni crossing.” As the day went on we did not see any reinforcements coming from Rwanda, the M23/RDF officers in the Congo started becoming more agitated. As they called General Mubarak Muganga to ask him about the promised reinforcement from his northern division forces; but to RDF/M23’s surprise General Muganga had switched off all his .

After realising that General Muganga had switched off all the communications, the M23/RDF commanders in Bunagana started calling James Kabarebe for more help and to their surprise General Kabarebe told them that “Guys you know that I have no powers to deploy any force or materials, the power lies with General Nziza and Nyamvumba. If it was up to me I would have sent the whole RDF to support you guys”.

The game of the pagans

On the evening of the 28th October 2013, the M23/RDF managed to talk to General Patrick Nyamvumba and begged him for military reinforcement and more anti aircraft guns. But they were again shocked by General Nyamvumba’s utterances when he told the M23/RDF commanders in Bunagana that “we have no more troops to send, the remaining are there to protect the Country. But Jack Nziza is the only one who can authorise the deployments of these troops”.

After talking to General Patrick Nyamvumba, the M23/RDF high command tried to call Jack Nziza but his entire six phone lines where switched off. They tried to call the DMI chief, Colonel Franko Rutagengwa who also dubs as Jack Nziza’s chief escort but also his phones were off. By the 23:00 hours, they had also tried to talk directly to dictator Paul Kagame but on many occasions they were told that he is busy with foreign dignitaries.

All the pagans in Kigali that sent these young men to their deaths had switched off their phones, these are the same cowards who triggered the 1994 genocide, the Congo genocide, the Minembwe massacres and now again they were switching off their phones from the people that were doing their dirty jobs.

In the morning of the 29th October 2013, after realising that Dictator Paul Kagame was cowering, General Sultan Makenga called in a meeting that was composed of both the political and military wing; he thanked everyone for their great work and their loyalty to him. An emotional Sultan Makenga told his senior commanders that they have been betrayed by their own and he asked if there is anyone who wants to leave, should leave; as for him is withdrawing towards Chanzu-Mbuzi-Runyoni to gain high ground advantage against the FARDC.

After General Sultan Makenga’s speech all political leaders including Bertrand Bisimwa started scrambling and rushing to leave Bunagana. A group of senior M23/RDF commanders that included Maj. General Eric Murokore, Colonel Innocent Kaina, Major Gerard Ntashamaje, Lt. Colonel Gaceri Musana, Major Ngenzi, Major Ibra Mweru, Major Olivier Lumumba etc. crossed to Rwanda through Runyoni.

While the rest run to either Uganda or Congo Sultan Makenga decided to dig the last defence along the Chanzu, Mbuzi and Runyoni lines. He was able to fight with the FARDC for five days within this region.

On the 5th November 2013, after sustaining a barrage of heavy artillery and ground attacking helicopter fires General Makenga decided to withdraw towards Rwanda. But to his shock he was met by RDF bullets from DMI commando units. These RDF units under the Command of Emmanual Ruvusha had been sent by Dictator Paul Kagame to eliminate Sultan Makenga. But Makenga’s boys were able to repulse and defeat these DMI commando units, he decided to cross through Birunga and came through Mgahinga National Park on the sides on Uganda. By this time Makenga had already communicated to his friends within the Ugandan Army that him and his troops are handing themselves in Uganda.

Plans of the Pagans

After escaping Paul Kagame’s mobs of DMI commando units, now Sultan Makenga has turned into a number one target for Rwanda’s dictator. Makenga knows too much and Rwanda’s pagan president won’t allow him to roam free. General Makenga was warned from all quarters, even his own family members cautioned him about Kagame’s double standard life; but he refused to listen and now he is facing the consequences.

Dictator Paul Kagame has shown that he has no religion, culture, behaviours or norms. This man has individually killed more Tutsis than any person in the history of Rwanda; for the Hutus it has become his daily soup to kill them.

The current moods of Tutsis from Northern Kivu.

Tutsis from northern Kivu are reeling with hate and pain against Paul Kagame for his numerous betrayals and lies. All Tutsis from northern Kivu both in Rwanda and outside Rwanda are in a state of sorrow, moaning, funeral and unspecified hate against RPF and Paul Kagame in particular. This last Sunday all Congolese Tutsis’ churches in Rwanda and around the world where singing hymns for their dead and betrayed sons. A Tutsi from northern Congo told Ikaze Iwacu that “I used to love RPF and Kagame so much, but now I hate myself to have loved this man. The man is a demon that needs strong prayers to be destroyed”.


Another family from northern Kivu that lives in Rwanda told Ikaze Iwacu that “imagine losing your son and then being told to come to the burial of your child in the middle of the night. We were taken for the burial of our son by the RDF in the middle of the night at Kanombe cemetery and we were told to not arrange any funeral service or say anything to neighbours, family members or friends”.  These actions by Dictator Paul Kagame and his ruling clique justify the concept of naming RPF as an entity of the pagans.

The reasons behind the retirement of RDF officers

While his M23 franchise was getting a beating in Eastern Congo, Dictator Paul Kagame and his number one assassin Jack Nziza were finalising the list of those elements that ought to be kicked out of the RDF. The officers retired or kicked out of the RDF on 25th of October 2013, were of a calculated plan that started from the end of last year. In Kagame’s world nothing is done out of the blue or by following properly set out regulations. Below are some of the names of the RDF officers retired on the 25th October 2013:

  • Gen. Marcel Gatsinzi
  • Gen. Charles Muhire
  • Brig. Gen. Andrew Rwigamba
  • Brig. Gen. Alex Ibambasi
  • Brig. Gen. Frank Rusagara
  • Brig. Gen. Geoffrey Byegyeka
  • Brig. Gen. Steven Karyango
  • Brig. Gen. Wilson Kazungu
  • Brig. Gen. Wilson Gumisiriza
  • Col. Kamiri Karegye
  • Col. John Bosco Murisa
  • Col. Deogene Mudenge
  • Col. Mathias Murengerantwari
  • Lt. Col. Steven Rwabika
  • Lt. Col. Paul Semana
  • Col. Guido Rugumire
  • Col. John Zigira

The reasons why Kagame indirectly sacked the above officers

  • Some of the officers retired on the 25th October 2013, were perceived to be Kayumba Nyamwasa sympathisers. Dictator Kagame and his bull Dog Jack Nziza screened all senior officers that worked, studied or grew up from the same area in Uganda with Kayumba Nyamwasa or Patrick Karegeya.
  • Some of the above officers were sacked or retired, because Jack Nziza had fabricated stories that in private, these officers are always questioning Dictator Kagame’s political route. In RDF circles they are called silent Ibipinga, and it’s the job of RDF’s number one pagan Jack Nziza to identify these silent Ibipinga.
  • Some of the above officers were sacked or retired because of personal hates by Jack Nziza. For the case of Colonel Deogene Mudenge, he is suffering the repercussions of Jack Nziza’s hate towards James Kabarebe.  After failing to fabricate a viable case against James Kabarebe, Jack Nziza decided to transfer his hate to an innocent man because is merely a brother in-law to James Kabarebe. RPF is a party of intrigue and lies, and these are whole marks of an Organisation composed of pagans
    • Some of the officers’ targeted by Jack Nziza’s screening were of the Hutu decent, although the majority came from Uganda it does not mean that they are Tutsis. It’s only six of the above officers that are Tutsis the rest are Hutus although they grew up in Uganda. Rwandans know that after the 1959 revolution it’s not only Tutsis that went or migrated to Uganda, but also a large number of Hutus moved to Uganda. The idea that every one that came from Uganda is a Tutsi it’s a misconceived idea.

    Paul Kagame’s state of mind

    In our previous articles we informed Rwandans that dictator Paul Kagame is bipolar disorder sufferer. Since the FARDC victories against the M23/RDF in the late June of this year; Dictator Kagame’s bipolar symptoms started surfacing again. In July Rwanda’s pagan suffered a bipolar depression that left him totally depressed to the extent that his personal doctor Agnes Binagwaho advised him to have a medical rest.

    apaRecently due to military and political defeats, Dictator Paul Kagame’s bipolar disorder symptoms have started showing up again. Very reliable informer from Village Urugwiro has told Ikaze Iwacu that “President Kagame is no longer having any sleep, he always look tired due to lack of sleep. The man is suffering from anxiety, but he is now taking sleeping tablets known as ANTI ANXIETY X30″.

    It’s important to inform Ikaze Iwacu readers that bipolar disorder symptoms are clinical diseases, that have two opposing phases and below are some symptoms of the phases:

    1. During a period of depression, your symptoms may include feeling sad and hopeless, lacking energy, difficulty concentrating and remembering things, loss of interest in everyday activities, feelings of emptiness or worthlessness, feelings of guilt and despair, feeling pessimistic about everything, self-doubt, being delusional, having hallucinations and disturbed or illogical thinking, lack of appetite, difficulty sleeping, waking up early and suicidal thoughts.

    2. In the maniac phase the disease takes another twist, that is psychological dangerous, if it is not looked after. These are some of the symptoms of the maniatic state, The maniac phase of bipolar disorder may include:

    • feeling very happy, elated or overjoyed,
    • talking very quickly
    • feeling full of energy
    • feeling self-important
    • feeling full of great new ideas and having important plans
    • being easily distracted
    • being easily irritated or agitated
    • being delusional, having hallucinations and disturbed or illogical thinking
    • not feeling like sleeping
    • not eating
    • doing things that often have disastrous consequences, such as spending large sums of money on expensive and sometimes unaffordable items
    • making decisions or saying things that are out of character and that others see as being risky or harmful 

    The above symptoms that arise from both sections explain clearly the state of mind within Rwanda’s dictator. The man feels self importance about himself; he is delusional as he assumes that Rwandans love him, he feels that he possesses great ideas and plans. Dear Rwandans that is the state of mind that the dictator is going through.


    Albert Einstein once said that “learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is, don’t stop fighting for your freedom ”. Dictator Kagame as we said in our previous articles, we are watching all you moves, we already know that in August of this year you asked your bull dog Jack Nziza to track Ikaze Iwacu bloggers; but just know that we are right under your nose at Village Urugwiro. In October after you returned from America and Canada in a meeting held at Village Urugwiro on the 5th October 2013 you asked Jack Nziza about the persons who leak information to Ikaze Iwacu; but know the names Jack Nziza gave you are pure lies.

    Dear Rwandans watch the video bellow showing a former Paul Kagame and RDF officer explaining the integration and marriage of greedy and thirst.




    By a Correspondent