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Re Posted From C-News 12 June 2015   (automatic translation)

Presidential consultations, diplomats pressures

The pressure is increasing on Joseph Kabila. At the last hearing yesterday Thursday, June 11, 2015 with the ambassadors accredited to Kinshasa, the Head of State, who initiated consultations to lead to a probable dialogue had only a word from diplomats. Dialogue yes, but it does not undermine the constitutional deadline regarding the organization of presidential elections in November next year.
Martin Kobler, Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in the DR Congo has repeated Wednesday, June 10, at the weekly meeting of the United Nations- Organization Stabilization Mission in the DR Congo (MONUSCO ). The same speech, the German diplomat told the Head of State. And me if that was not enough, at the exit of the hearing yesterday at the Palais de la Nation, the pragmatic Kobler, told the pres¬se that MONUSCO supports the initiative of Joseph Kabila but the desired dialogue does not disrupt the organization of constitution¬nelles elections in the month of November 2016 before recalling that Uni¬es Nations are ready to offer their good offices for holding and organizing the dialogue. The Ambassador of the European Union in DR-Congo, Jean-Michel Dumond said the same thing to Kabila. Dif¬ficile for “Kabilie” with such clear-cut positions on the part of diplomats accredited to dare take the risk of glisse¬ment. It emerges that even if there is dialogue, nothing will change the position of the international community to accompany the DR Congo in organizing the constitutional elections. Where the ambassadors joined opponents is at the reliability of the electoral register, the enrollment of young adults and the budget for the organization of élec¬tions they hold dear for good organisa¬tion elections. Increasingly, Kabila is taken where biter.