There are 3 critical problems affecting DR Congo at present. These are 3 EXTREMELY URGENT issues that will affect not just the good people of this nation but that will have a knock-on effect on peace and stability within the Great Lakes Region. These 3 issues are:

– President Joseph Kabila is attempting to make changes to the constitution in order to delay elections and legalize a THIRD TERM in office. This CANNOT be allowed to happen. Kabila ( real name Kanambe) and his crony puppet masters in Kigali, Kampala, Washington and Westminster have over the last fourteen years RAPED, PILLAGED and MASS MURDERED with impunity.This so-called government is NOT REPRESENTATIVE of the CONGOLESE NATION. This so-called government is a bunch of CRIMINALS, WHITE-COLLAR CRIMINALS WORKING FOR MINING CORPORATIONS.

-With the mass murder of 11 million Congolese, Eastern Congo, is now under imminent threat of ANNEXATION by Rwanda.The BALKANIZATION of DR Congo has been the objective of global corporate entities which would see the vast country divided into smaller areas that would be easier to control.

-The FDLR are being used as the scapegoat for all the atrocities that have soaked in blood the Congolese nation since it was illegally invaded in 1996 by Rwanda and Uganda.The UN and USA are backing a WITCH-HUNT for the FDLR. This is an excuse for further FOREIGN MILITARY INTERVENTION and will lead to further MASS MURDERING in DR Congo. The FDLR CANNOT return to Kagame`s Rwanda because they WILL BE MURDERED.

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