Don’t Succumb to Hysteria About ‘Man-Made” Climate Change

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Don`t Succumb to Hysteria About “Man-Made” Climate Change

These are excerpts from a specialist on climate change, but one who debunks the anti-scientific hysteria that “man-made CO2” is the cause.

Ben Deniston, September 8, 2017

“We have witnessed the tragedy of Harvey, and a major earthquake just off the coast in Mexico, the largest earthquake in Mexico in 100 years.  We have Irma coming towards Florida, which hopefully will avoid a dangerous situation there, but it does look like it could be potentially very catastrophic.  All of these events should remind us that what we’re dealing with as a single mankind on one small planet in the Solar System and in this Galaxy.  These are unfortunate events, but also an opportunity to bring people together as we discussed, not just in the United States, but internationally.  To realize
what mankind can uniquely do to defend ourselves against these kinds of situations.  Some of that includes a better understanding of what factors actually play into these things.

“In passing, just because there’s so much crazy propaganda about supposed man-made climate change being a factor in these storms, that’s just bunk; that should just be said outright. It’s unfortunate that we even have to say it, but given the fact that this is being pushed as a major top-down propaganda campaign, we should just say outright that there is no evidence at all that storm systems and extreme weather has been getting worse as a function of increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere. There is no evidence of that.  Even just look at the history of hurricanes in the United States.  Since 1970, we’ve had four Category 4 or higher hurricanes make landfall on the United States.  In the 40 years prior to that, we had 14.  So, what’s all this talk about extreme weather getting worse?  We just recently exited a very anomalous drought of hurricanes, where we had no Category 3 plus hurricane make landfall on the United States for almost 12 years.  So, there’s no evidence that we’re seeing more extreme situations; there’s no evidence that human CO2 emissions play any factor at all.  Again, it’s unfortunate that we have to waste our time to even address this, but just because it’s being pushed down the throats of the American people and much of the world population, we should just make that clear outright.

“But what we do have is natural weather and natural storms and natural extreme events.  Instead of this false blaming of human CO2 emissions, we should instead be taking a higher perspective on what factors actually do influence extreme weather and climate change.  These are factors that go beyond the Earth. These are factors that go to the Sun, that go to the Solar System.  That again, forced mankind to realize we are one very unique species on one very small planet; and we know very little about what actually determines the conditions we live in here on Earth.  So, it’s about time that humankind as a whole wakes up, stops playing these insane geopolitical games to try and compete over some small amount of wealth developed on the planet so far, and realizes that if we collaborate as one species, we can uplift the entire population of this planet to a much higher level.  And we can collaborate on defending our entire planet from disasters like this.”


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