Documented proof of government weather modification/geo-engineering !!!!!!!!!

This SHOULD blow your mind if you did not previously believe that geo-engineering the climate IS taking place globally with full government complicity.

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A 1966 U.S. Government Document with the Subject: Weather Modification Program

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 2.46.27 PMFor anyone that still does not believe that our government has been “seeding” clouds to manipulate the weather, then this document should put that argument to rest.

I first found this on Dane Wigington’s site, As I began to read through this extensive file, I could not stop shaking my head.

This information is nearly 50 years old and it discusses things we’ve been covering over the past several years. To see documents this old with this much details should prove to people that are either unaware or in disbelief that weather modification is not only real, but they’ve been at it for a while.

Here are some of the excerpts from this 97 page document.

“There is, therefore,great motivation to develop effective countermeasures against the destructive effects of weather, and, conversely, to enhance the beneficial aspects. The financial and other benefits to human welfare of being able to

modify weather to augment water supplies, reduce lightning, suppress hail, mitigate tornados, and inhibit the full development of hurricanes would be very great.”

“Over the past twenty years experiments have been conducted on weather modification, particularly on the silver iodide crystals. The results are limited. Under suitable circumstances it has been possible to augment precipitation by ten to twenty percent, and to reduce the frequency of fire-producing lightning strokes.

“With the growing conviction of positive and potential results, a number of government agencies have been developing plans for research and ultimately operational programs in weather and climate modification. Some of these plans stem from the desire to use weather modification to meet specific mission responsibilities such as development of water resources, protection of crops, protection against forest fires, etc:”

“The Southern Sierra program has studied the effectiveness of cloud seeding in that specialized area.
The Pacific Northwest program has included experiments on shifting precipitation from areas of surplus to areas of deficit.”

“In Washington and Oregon the windward slopes of coastal mountains receive large amounts of precipita- tion, the run-off of which returns to the ocean unused. Farther inland, there are areas where the precipitation is less than one tenth as great. If it were possible to shift some of the lost precipitation, the economic benefit would be great.”

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1966 Government Document disclose Weather Modification Program HR1