Do Not Turn Away From The Belt and Road !!!

When Thomas Sankara created a miracle for Burkina Faso, he said:

” We must dare to invent the future!”

Thomas Isidore Noel Sankara (1949 – 1987)


China`s Belt and Road IS NOT A DEBT TRAP. It is a NEW PARADIGM for Africa. A new paradigm will only happen if every single one of us envisages a FUTURE FOR ALL OF MANKIND. That is the most radical anti-imperialist, anti -colonialist thought that there is. So THINK IT. WORK WITH CHINA. BELIEVE IN CHINA AND THE BELT AND ROAD INITIATIVE.

Even when everyone around you says don`t do it.

Tout homme qui est un vrai homme doit apprendre à rester seul au milieu de tous, à penser seul pour tous et au besoin contre tous” Romain Rolland


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