United States policy towards the Third World should be one of depopulation.”

Henry Kissenger, 1978

Henry Kissinger is the embodiment of all the evils of this world, the architect of countless wars,physical wars, financial wars, wars against our health and the ultimate war, the war on our thinking.  He works for the financial interests of the British-based Corporate Empire.

“Before he was unleashed on America, Kissinger received training under John Wheeler Bennett, top intelligence director of the British Round Table and chief of MI6 field operations-a very high powered world player. He then moved on to Harvard University where he and fellow student Zbigniew Brzezinski were schooled in monetarist policies under British-educated William Yandell Elliott, a great defender of the British Empire and the Southern Confederacy.Finally, he rounded out his education in  being groomed as a front man for the ruling elite by serving under George Franklin and Hamilton Fish Armstrong at the Council on Foreign Relations.” pg 161,` AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire` by Nancy Turner Banks, MD.

The founding fathers of America like the later founding fathers of PanAfricanism envisaged a world free of feudalism, a free world where everyone is  equal and has inalienable rights.It is clear from the briefest of studies of African modern history post independence that colonialism has never ceased to exist and that policies for Africa are not made in Africa by Africans.This too has also  been the unfortunate history of America.

“Roosevelt’s Vision To End Colonialism”     from an article by Lawrence Freeman

“Since the victorious revolution of the United States over the British oligarchy in 1783, the United States has been viewed as the primary enemy of, and obstacle to, British geopolitical domination of the planet. Unfortunately, since the death President Roosevelt—the last U.S. President who knew the British were our enemy, and acted on that understanding

the United States has, for almost the entirety of the last 64 years, been
controlled by an Anglophile tendency, emanating from the financiers of Wall Street, who still take their marching orders from the City of London.

Roosevelt’s American System opposition to British “free trade” imperialist policies was a source of constant irritation to Prime Minister Winston Churchill during their wartime discussions, in which Roosevelt argued that, after Hitler’s Nazi army was defeated, the world must be free of British, French, and Dutch colonialism. In their meeting off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, in August 1941, Roosevelt forced Churchill to accept the Atlantic Charter, which outlined the principles of freedom and economic development for all nations and all peoples, in a world free of colonialism at the end of the war.In these meetings, Roosevelt told Churchill:
“I am firmly of the belief that if we are to arrive at a stable peace it must involve the development of backward countries. Backward people. How can this be
done? It can’t be done, obviously, by eighteenth-century methods.”
Churchill objected: “Who’s talking eighteenth-century methods?”
Roosevelt responded:

“Which ever of your ministers recommends a policy which takes wealth in raw materials out of a colonial country, but which returns nothing to the people of that country in consideration. Twentieth-century methods involve bringing industry to these colonies. Twentieth-century methods include increasing the wealth of a people by increasing their standard of living, by educating them, by bringing them sanitation—by making sure they get a return for the raw wealth of their community.”

Discussing the conditions in Africa, Roosevelt pointed out that, by bringing water from the Mediterranean Sea to the desert, “The Sahara would bloom for hundreds of miles.” He continued: “Wealth. Imperialists don’t realize what they can do, what they can create!
They’ve robbed this continent of billions, and all because they were too short sighted to understand that their billions were pennies, compared to the possibilities! Possibilities
that must include a better life for the people who inhabit this land.”
After visiting British Gambia, Roosevelt was outraged at the British for their slave-labor policy of paying Gambians 50 cents a day for their work. After the death of President Roosevelt, only President John Kennedy shared President Roosevelt’s concern
for the development of Africa. However bad U.S. policy has been toward Africa since the election of President Nixon in 1968, America has never been an empire, nor ever had the proclivities to act like an empire. What did happen, was that after the assassination of President Kennedy, the

Nixon regime adopted the centuries-long, British racist policy of genocide against Africa, with the completion of the infamous National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200),initiated and authored by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Kissinger’s study,Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests,”

was completed at the end of 1974, but remained
classified until Dec. 31, 1980.classified until Dec. 31, 1980. The two primary tenets of the study are:

1) The West must have an uninterrupted supply of strategic minerals
and vital natural resources which are deposited in large quantities in the countries in the “underdeveloped sector”; and

2) these countries must be forced to practice population reduction to ensure that these resources are not used up by the internal growth of their economies. 

Thus, as NSSM 200 demanded, the West intentionally enforced underdevelopment and economic backwardness, and did so by banning any long-term investment in necessary categories of infrastructure. To eliminate resistance to the looting of these natural resources by the West, it was also necessary to keep the governments of these countries weak, and the people divided by internal conflicts, to prevent the emergence of strong, true nation-states.

One experienced former American diplomat admitted that the United States had not invested in any infrastructure in Africa since the early 1970s, and, only recently, became concerned by the large scale of infrastructure projects undertaken by China in Africa.

Consider the following two passages from NSSM 200:
“Rapid population growth is not in itself a major factor in pressure on depletable resources (fossil fuels and other minerals), since demand for them depends more on levels of industrial output than on numbers of people. On the other hand, the world is increasingly dependent on mineral supplies from developing countries, and if rapid population growth frustrates their prospects for economic development and social progress, the resulting
instability may undermine conditions for expanded output and sustained flows of such resources. “Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources supplies and to the economic interest of the United States [and the West].”

This is a policy of genocide and enforced economic prostration.

Thirty years after the death of President
Roosevelt, U.S. policy towards Africa and the “Third World” ceased to be American and became British, with adoption of Kissinger’s NSSM 200. It is therefore intelligible
that Kissinger, speaking at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London in 1982, proclaimed his support for Churchill over Roosevelt, and announced that, as White House national security advisor, he kept the British Foreign Office better informed than the U.S.
State Department.

from Executive Intelligence Review – `Kick the British out of Africa!`by Lawrence Freeman

to read the complete article `Kick the British Out of Africa` click HERE

africa_inland_port  Africa as it should have been developed sixty years ago

AIDS is part of NSSM 200. AIDS is a war against the body`s immune system.This war has been conducted against Africans since the first slave ship left the shores of the continent, marking the start of the African Holocaust and the start of the corporate rape of her resources, human and then mineral.It takes more than one generation subjected to poverty, war, trauma and vaccines to destroy the human body`s natural defense system.

Central to the policies of NSSM has been the control of the raw materials market which is run by a network of financiers and operated from the City of London.This network has formed cartels in every resource sector – gold, diamonds,copper, oil, coffee, cocoa, wheat etc. Prices are set and markets, at times, crashed deliberately in secretly held meetings such as those of the Bilderberg Group.Keeping African countries in a constant state of chaos, regime change, war and destabilization has ensured for this network, that Africa has remained up until now , mostly undeveloped and un-industrialized. So how does AIDS fit in?AIDS depopulates impoverished communities.Poverty in Africa has been a finely tuned and engineered tool of  social destruction.

AIDS for the architects of this epidemic has multiple uses.A sick nation is not a flourishing nation.And the smaller a population, the easier it is to control.AIDS is a depopulation tool with multiple benefits for the architects.In South Africa, gold and diamonds are mined at extremely deep levels. This is expensive mining . Most of South Africa`s diamonds are embedded in asbestos,  the dust of which, leads to lung cancer and leukemia. Mining at  deep levels makes the air quality more difficult to control and in the gold mines tiny particles of silicon collect in the miners lungs. This leads to silicosis which is another lung disease. Damaged lungs  makes the body susceptible to TB. With the ending of Apartheid came the need for greater corporate responsibility to its workforce.AIDS came to South Africa just in time for what would be promoted as a sexually transmitted disease to be blamed for bodily- wasting diseases like cancer and TB caused by mining at deep levels. DeBeers and Anglo-American could be exonerated from an epidemic of lung cancer and silicon-induced TB in their workforce and illness blamed on the promiscuous habits of the miners!.

“In 1995 the Leon Commission on occupational health published its report. The commission found that dust levels in the mines [ of South Africa] have not changed in half a century. The implication is that many thousands and perhaps millions of miners have died uncompensated of silicosis, asbestosis, tuberculosis  and cancer. The mining company knew that the risk of silicosis could be reduced by preventing the release of dust during mining or by providing miners with respirators. it should have provided clean overalls and adequate washing and laundry facilities. Finally, Anglo American should have removed  all dust from the miner`s hostels, but protected by the apartheid system they helped introduce, the company did nothing. There are mining engineering companies that provide a variety of methods to control dust particles: wet dust suppression systems, dry dust suppression systems, foam or fog suppression systems, dust residual systems, and water cannon systems. Reportedly, these systems have seldom been effectively used in South African mining. In 1983, the chief safety engineer of an unnamed South African mining corporation told the Economist that “production is more important than safety…(pg143)…..In South Africa, DeBeers diamonds are embedded in asbestos, and hundreds  of thousands of miners have suffered miserably or died of asbestos related diseases-cancer and leukemia, with development of secondary tuberculosis. Diamond dust is extremely toxic and, as noted by the Leon Commission, Anglo-American and DeBeers took no action to protect their workers. as long as the system of apartheid was in place, they did not have to worry about black workers rights-they had none. it was not until 1994, when the African National Congress gained political traction that the mining companies began to contemplate their possible legal liabilities. This is when pulmonary tuberculosis suddenly became an AIDS-defining disease.”

“DeBeers claims that toxic dust in their mines is harmless and has refused to improve worker safety. Tony Davies, Professor Emeritus of Occupational Health, reported that “when 200 retired miners from the Premier Diamond Mine were tested, every single one was found to have asbestosis. Yet very few know the danger. It has been hidden for decades.” The company obtained legal exemptions from this dangerous feature of their mine operations on the basis that the dust in their mines is uniquely safe! It thus conducts what is called “dry mining”.”

“A CDC report from the Division of Respiratory Disease Studies estimated that the rate of pulmonary tuberculosis in South Africa rose from less than 40 per 1000 in 1975 to 150 per 1000 in 1998-an increase of 375% in 23 years.It is not surprising, according to reports, that the company has since blamed this rapid rise in the incidence of tuberculosis on AIDS, inferring that working conditions are irrelevant. The cynical use of AIDS as a method to neutralize potential legal action against Premier Diamond`s sub-standard mining practices is rather typical of the “impeccable business decisions” of this organization. what possible liability could accrue to a company that has a graveyard full of dead workers and cities full of injured workers who have a disease that was “sexually acquired”?”pg 144-145 of AIDS,Opium,Diamonds, and Empire by Nancy Turner Banks MD.


mine+hostel the home of a South African miner

nicky-oppenheimers-house Nicky Oppenheimer`s home

AIDS has been developed into an industry, a money making venture for pharmaceutical profit, an industry that exonerates corporations from accountability and which exonerates governments from addressing the issue of extreme poverty. There have been a number of prominent AIDS denialists such as former president, Thabo Mbeki.

Thabo Mbeki  first changed his mind and distanced himself from AIDS denialists at the 2000 AIDS conference in Durban, South Africa.”….for us better to understand what would constitute a comprehensive response in a context such as ours which is characterized by high levels of poverty and disease. As I listened and heard the whole story about our country, it seemed to me that we could not blame everything on a single virus.”

He was right when he said it could NOT all be blamed on a single virus.

AIDS is a cover-story, it is an umbrella under which is hidden a multitude of diseases mostly related to poverty.Current governmental attitudes in much of Africa support the pharmaceutical medication of a number of conditions that would not normally arise if it were not for chronic poverty and its partner in crime – malnutrition.

AIDS is a cover for a number of  curable diseases. Millions of people’s lives are being affected by Aids in Africa but while the umbrella of AIDS conveniently covers diseases like TB and malaria and blankets poverty and chronic poverty-war- trauma induced stress, money is being spent on research and development of pharmaceuticals and not into alleviating the contributing factors of Aids. One quarter of all official clinical trials are conducted in the developing world. According to a Medecins sans Frontieres report from June 7, 2007, in an interview with Dr Jean-Herve Bradol, in response to the question: ‘Are clinical trials carried out frequently in Africa or in other resources limited settings?`—“Yes, but in most cases, their objective is not to do research on illnesses affecting poor countries. Between 1975 and 2004, only 20 of the 1556 new drugs that appeared on the market treated the parasitic and infectious diseases that kill 15 million people every year. Barely 10% of medical research is currently dedicated to illnesses responsible for 90% of worldwide deaths-that is, where the needs are the greatest.

The present mindset of the medical and scientific community regarding curable African diseases is : They have AIDS and let them die.

Mandla Dube is dying in a remote village in Kwazulu Natal. He is reduced to skin and bone and has lain on his bed and taken the best part of a year to die. He has wasted way. Diagnosis: AIDS.  Mandla worked in one of DeBeers diamond mines. For ten years he breathed in the asbestos dust that deep level diamonds are embedded in. He developed undiagnosed lung cancer.

Thomas Mdlalose worked in a cotton mill for fifteen years. He started to take too many days off due to illness. He was fired. He took on a job as a gardener. His health deteriorated. He lost weight and coughed persistently. After three months he was skin and bone and died in a clinic outside Durban. Diagnosis: AIDS. His family could hardly afford his funeral let alone press for a post-mortem which would have shown the advanced stages of silicosis induced TB, caused by breathing in tiny particles of cotton in the cotton mill.

Zipo is eight when his only parent dies. He loses weight, gets pneumonia and is covered in skin lesions. Diagnosis: AIDS.  Zipo eats one meal of maize a day, lives in abject poverty with a distant family member, misses his mother and spends his time playing in a refuse filled township. Zipo is uncared for, he is extremely malnourished and has chronic parasitic infestation.

Flora Zonge has two children. She works as a maid in Johannesburg. Her sister dies and she takes on her three children. To support her extra family she takes on a Saturday job. She now works six days a week. She gets up at 4.30 am to get from the area where she lives to her job in the affluent suburbs. She gets home after 6pm. Her husband starts drinking and makes life in their three room home in Soweto very difficult. As a maid she is lucky enough to get three weeks paid holiday a year. She does not get sick pay and will lose her job if she takes time off work. Flora becomes increasingly tired and worn out, exhausted and stressed. She loses a lot of weight. Diagnosis: AIDS.   Flora is chronically stressed and run down. She is deficient in iron and has anemia.

Lindiwe lives outside Kampala and is nearly two. She was a normal little baby until she started to lose weight, wouldn’t eat properly, wouldn`t interact with her family as she used to and has skin lesions. Diagnosis: AIDS. Lindiwe like millions of children worldwide developed autism after her first childhood vaccinations. She has also been bitten by a sand fly and has leishmaniasis which is infecting her spleen and liver making her lethargic.

Jackson Gieter is nineteen. At ten he was orphaned and started living on the streets in Cape Town. By eleven he was addicted to glue. The glue him and his friends sniffed stopped them from feeling hunger. It was better to have the headaches than to feel hungry all the time. He moved on to dagga, ecstasy and cocaine. Now he smokes Nyope which is tobacco, dagga and ground-up antiretroviral tablets. He hasn`t had a drug free week for  years. He has never eaten a proper meal in all his life. At  nineteen he  starts to cough and lose even more weight. He gets pneumonia and ends up in a Red Cross clinic where he is given a cursory diagnosis of AIDS. Jackson has never had access to decent nutrition and his immune system is shot to hell from a life of drug abuse.


“Exposure to silica dust is a risk factor for the development of pulmonary tuberculosis in the absence of silicosis, even after exposure to silica dust ends. It is not a coincidence that mycobacterium tuberculosis is the biggest killer in South Africa and that the HIV antibody tests cross reacts with mycobacteria to make it appear that HIV is running rampant in South Africa. In Africa, all the rules of medical diagnosis have been changed. In the U.S., a test known as ELISA is considered very inaccurate, and no diagnosis of HIV infection is made without performing another antibody test known as the Western Blot for confirmation. However, for the most part, Africans are not even tested. It is too expensive. When they are tested, the least accurate ELISA is used. HIV ELISAs are not accurate enough to diagnose an American, yet it is deemed accurate enough for Africans who are much more likely to test positive because of the cross reactivity of the test to diseases like TB, malaria, leshmeniasis and measles-diseases that have been common in Africa for generations. ” pg 145 AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire by Nancy Turner Banks MD.

What defines AIDS? What are the medical criteria that result in a positive diagnosis of a human being having AIDS? In Africa the Bangui definition of AIDS is what a medically trained person will use in a rural area or where medical facilities are lacking. The Bangui Criteria for the diagnosis of AIDS is based on conditions such as weight loss, persistent fever and pulmonary symptoms such as persistent coughing and flu like symptoms. These symptoms are all symptoms of diseases such as Malaria and TB and symptoms of severe malnutrition, chronic parasitic infestation and extreme stress. The Bangui Criteria are what UNICEF and WHO base their AIDS statistics on.

Where medical facilities are not lacking a person will undergo an HIV test. The rapid HIV test is solely used in mobile clinics.

The rapid HIV test for standard diagnosis is not permitted in Germany because it is extremely unreliable. The Rapid HIV test is NOT permitted in Germany.

HIV testing has proven itself across the globe to be an extremely unreliable diagnosis. People in Europe and the US have been diagnosed HIV positive only to have that reversed as little as a few days later. People who have been diagnosed positive and who have NOT opted for antiretroviral drugs are healthy and well twenty years later.


Critical to the AIDS Industry has been for people to believe that they are infected by a new disease.This has required a massive public relations program with funding from institutions like USAID. Diana,  Princess of Wales, was used by the AIDS industry to promote public acceptance of a hitherto unknown disease. Unknown to her and many other well meaning individuals such as Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi,  pharmaceutical corporations are using them to benefit a multi-billion dollar industry selling anti-retroviral drugs and HIV testing services.The public are so brainwashed by biased and fraudulent science that people now “embrace HIV” and are “proud to be HIV positive.”



This tragic mass-euphoria is a result of a satanically-inspired propaganda campaign to keep pharmaceutical MNCs in glorious profit and to mislead people into asking the right questions about poverty and Malthusian living conditions that at least half the population of Africa are subject to in the 21st century!



Vaccines have to be kept very cold. Africa is hot and distances are great. Vaccines for regions of Africa may well have increased preservative levels and possibly cooling agents, especially designed for certain climates. Vaccines routinely contain the following: aluminium; antibiotics; formaldehyde; monosodium glutamate (MSG) and Thiomersal which is a preservative containing mercury. Source: (Mike Adams). All these substances are acutely harmful, especially to young children.

Our belief in vaccines is only based on the fact that we are told of the ravages of smallpox, polio, TB the pre-vaccine days. Where are the real statistics of these ravages? Diseases will be chronic in high population density areas where people live with poor sanitation and extreme poverty. If smallpox etc. ravaged Europe before the 1900s then no doubt! People in European cities lived with dire poverty, malnutrition, open sewers and cold, damp housing. In 1920, Chas. M. Higgins published a book –`Horrors of Vaccination Exposed and Illustrated, A petition to the President to Abolish Compulsory Vaccination in Army and Navy.’  Just so as we know for how long vaccinations have been fought against, here are some quotes from this book.

“Vaccination is a delusion, its penal enforcement a crime” Prof. Alfred Russel Wallace in `The Wonderful Century` published in 1899

“This amazing act is the homicidal insanity of a whole profession. This is blood assassination.” Dr James J. Garth Wilkinson in 1876

“Vaccination is not always a harmless procedure; it must be looked upon as the production of an acute infectious disease.” Dr Milton J. Rosenau in 1914

Chas Higgins states on page vi ;”….I now issue this special challenge to the Departments of Health of the City and State of New York, which cover a population of eleven millions, and with whose records I am more familiar; that I will undertake to prove from their death certificates and vital records; now concealed and withheld from the public, that there have been more deaths from vaccination than from smallpox in every year for the past fifteen years in the City and State of New York.”  After the 1889 English Commission on Vaccination, Chas Higgins writes that modifications were made to the law regarding compulsory vaccination. The `conscientious clause` was introduced whereby parents could exempt their children from vaccination if they so wished. Vaccination declined so much after this that over 60% of children in England of the 1920s were unvaccinated and yet smallpox did not increase but declined dramatically. This was also in line with the increase in sanitation and generally improved living conditions of people.  Leicester had a population of 300 000 in 1914.Dr Millard was a health officer for Leicester, and wrote a report in which he stated that the city of Leicester which had for the previous 30 years ,a policy of non- vaccination, had relied instead on improved hygiene and sanitation to raise the public health. In his report he wrote—“The unexpected and remarkable experience of the town of Leicester, which for thirty years has abandoned infantile vaccination, yet has shown an enormous decline in smallpox mortality.”  “The fact that;, although infantile vaccination is falling more and more into disuse throughout the whole country, yet smallpox, contrary to all pro- vaccinist expectation and prophecy, continues to decline and has almost disappeared.” Source: `Horrors of Vaccination Exposed and Illustrated` Chas. M. Higgins (1920)

“Vaccination (is) the most dangerous and repulsive system of medication ever devised” Chas.M. Higgins, 1920.


Dr Rebecca Carley writes some 90 years later as sanity still tries to bring sense to the medical profession, ”In fact, the `prevention` of a disease via vaccination is, in reality, an inability to expel organisms due to the suppression of the cell-mediated response. Thus, rather than preventing disease, the disease is actually prevented from ever being resolved.” Source: and quote from:

The Global Polio Eradication Program in Africa implicated WHO, UNICEF, Rotary International and the US Centers for Disease Control in a lot of scandal. All water under the bridge now, all forgotten. Sterility agents, female hormones, were found to be in the vaccines in 2004, after the Nigerian government sent samples to be analysed in India. Elsewhere in the poorer regions of the world other scandals briefly made headlines. Sterility agents were found in tetanus vaccines in Mexico, Nicaragua and the Philippines. “In 1995 a Catholic organization called Human Life International accused the WHO of promoting this Canadian made tetanus vaccine covertly laced with a pregnancy hormone called human choriogonadotropic hormone (HCG). Suspicions were aroused when the tetanus vaccine was prescribed in the peculiar dose of five multiple injections over a three month period, and recommended only to women of child-bearing age. When an unusual number of women experienced vaginal bleeding and miscarriages after the shots, a hormone additive was uncovered as the cause. It is no secret that since the 1970s the WHO has been testing and funding antifertility vaccine research that would make a woman`s immune system attack and destroy her own babies in the womb. In Geneva in 1989 the WHO sponsored a Symposium on Antifertility Vaccines and Contraceptive Vaccines.” Source: Alan Cantwell MD, from an article in

The WHO has also been accused by medical professionals of great merit of deliberately engineering the smallpox vaccine to trigger the Aids /HIV virus. Robert Gallo, himself did at one time admit that the use of live vaccines like those used in smallpox vaccines can activate a dormant virus like AIDS. Source: Alan Cantwell MD.

William Campbell Douglass, MD entitled a speech he made in 1987, `WHO Murdered Africa’. This speech is on the internet under the title: ‘WHO Murdered Africa’.” That’s Aids. What the WHO is saying in plain English is let`s cook up a virus that selectively destroys the T-cell system of man, an acquired immune deficiency.” William Campbell Douglass wrote this referring to WHO guidelines for research by virologists and molecular biologists. He has written a book-AIDS: The End of Civilization (1989) Alan Cantwell MD has written –AIDS and the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the Epidemic (1988) and Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot (1993)

The smallpox vaccine used as a trigger for AIDS was used in Africa, Haiti and Brazil”. Source: Kevin Galalae on the Vinney Eastwood radio show, interview on global depopulation.

Dr Archie Kalokerinos had this to say after a lifetime of working as a physician, particularly with aboriginal children in Australia: My final conclusion after forty years or more in this business is that the unofficial policy of the WHO and the unofficial policy of Save the Children`s Fund and almost all those organizations is one of murder and genocide. They want to make it appear as if they are saving these kids, but in actual fact they don’t. I am talking of those at the very top”.


Co- Factors of Aids         

A flying doctor in Kenya was once asked- what was the most common cause of illness among his patients, given that most were fishermen? His answer was- stress.

Poverty, whether rural or urban, is extremely stressful. Not knowing how you are going to feed your children that day is extremely stressful .Urban poverty is a way of life for millions in Africa. Living in shitsville is extremely stressful. Poverty especially in urban areas goes hand in hand with every single disease prevalent in Africa.

The cost of living, that is, the cost of food, in South Africa and Mozambique is NO different to the cost of food in the UK. A trip to the supermarket in Durban or Maputo will cost the same as a trip to a supermarket in England. The cost of bread, milk, flour is no different. Given the official figure of 25% unemployment in South Africa, South Africans will tell you it is more like 60% which is more credible, and given that welfare is  extremely minimal just how the hell are these people even eating.

The average South African wage is around R3000 per month for a manual job. That is around £300.On average 25% of that will be spent on transport, taxi fares. The minimum wage is variable according to region. The minimum hourly rate is in some areas as low as R7.65.That is less than £1 per hour. The minimum daily wage is R69, around £7. The minimum wage has been frozen for 3 years. Nearly 50% of South Africans live on less than £3 a day. Farm workers in the vineyards of the Cape earn £6 a day.

In Maputo, Mozambique, a domestic worker, a maid, is paid a minimum of around £66,$100 a month. A big prawn in a, not that swanky, restaurant on the promenade in Maputo can cost, for 1 prawn, $10.

This is criminal, insane and obscene.

Stress is a contributing factor to immune dysfunction. Stress leads to illness.

The southern African dietary staple is maize. It is available as coarsely ground flour, and known as putu in South Africa. It’s made into porridge for either sweet or savoury meals. It was introduced by Europeans. Before its advent people ate a much healthier variety of grains, namely millet. Millet is an alkalizing food. Millet and quinoa are alkalizing grains and extremely beneficial to health. Maize flour in Africa has always been the white, refined version, unlike in Italy where it is very popular but eaten unrefined i.e. yellow polenta. The refining process removes all nutrients leaving a carbohydrate base.

Maize is the staple food for the majority of South Africans. If you are near or below the breadline then a plate of putu will be what you eat, every single day. In urban areas, poor people don`t even have the chance to nutritionally supplement their diet with some home-grown vegetables,  so  diet is radically lacking in nutrition .Immune deficiency is a non-debatable result of malnutrition, bad, inadequate nutrition.

80% of South Africa`s 2011 maize harvest was GMO.

The strain of GMO maize grown in South Africa is a Monsanto special – NK603.NK603 was banned in Russia as tests in a French laboratory conclusively showed that it caused cancer tumours to develop in rats. Source: Monsanto denied the results of this study, stating the standards of it were unacceptable, acceptable enough for the Russian government to suspend its use, however. South Africa`s health and agriculture ministry had no comment to make. South Africa has planted and consumed genetically modified maize for 2 decades. Of the 24 million hectares of maize planted annually in sub Saharan Africa, about one third is GM, according to vice president of Dupont Pioneer, Daniel Jacobi. South Africa is the leading African producer of genetically modified crops. South Africa was the first African country to commercialize biotech cotton, maize and soya beans in the 1990s.There will be children in South Africa who are growing up on a diet of almost entirely GM food. GM food is proven time and again to cause cancer, multiple health defects and STERILITY. See `Seeds of Death` uploaded by CPPGhanaOnline.

In a BBC News at Six article 30 May 2008, Jeremy Cooke reported: “If there is one place on Earth where farmers have it hard, it is sub-Saharan Africa. Most people are farmers, but not for profit –to survive. Africa is the one continent that cannot feed itself. When you see children picking away at the arid, red African soil with the most rudimentary tools, it is clear that African agriculture can use all the help it can get. “Every last word of this article is a load of bullshit, but it is interesting how articles like this are painting the picture of Africa. Cooke made this report from Uganda. Uganda is known to be so fertile that if you put your walking stick in the ground, it will have grown into a tree by morning! This report, however, goes on to discuss the importance of developing drought resistant GM maize. In Uganda the government has welcomed research by Monsanto and the Gates Foundation. Zimbabwe has a ban on GM food and seed. Robert Mugabe knows well enough to ban both GMOs and the British Brainwashing Corporation.

There are 3 factors which conclusively contribute to suppression of the immune system, which conclusively cause immune deficiency and damage. These are:

vaccines, genetically modified food and malnourishment.

Aids is an Industry in Africa just as cancer is an Industry in the West. These are both depopulation programs.


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