Deceiving past and present

from                                      The Coming of Albyne


image – Stewartsmithphotography

All nations have their traditions and take pride in their historical origin and exhibit marmoreal permanence with relics, be they castles, grave mounds, temples, antique statues, or ancient stone circles. In Western Europe for many centuries almost all these traditional Histories were submerged and reduced to the level of legends and myths, and even mocked as Fairy Tales. This was necessary so that the religious importation of the Hebrew myths and legends beginning in phases with Adam and Eve, then Noah and his ark, then Abraham and his family, and so on, could replace all other histories of origin.

Religion, with its blackmail threats of eternal damnation and millions of years of horrendous torture of souls after death to those who refused to submit, and loss of office and status and property, and even torture or death to the living, was the most powerful force in mediaeval Europe. Part of the price exacted by the men in black was the elevation of Biblical Hebrew history to be virtually the only ancient history.

We have all been deceived about our past. And the foundation stones of our cultures and civilizations are being eroded now more so than ever.

Highly recommended are the books of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. The excerpt above is from The King Arthur Conspiracy. Their books are available from