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The American Intelligence Services negotiate with Paul Kagame and “Joseph Kabila” for them to abandon their plan intended to introduce terrorism in Kinshasa, in the DRC

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“On controversial themes, Africa should be able to arrive at the truth through its own intellectual investigation and hold on to that truth until humanity understands that Africa would no longer be denied.”-(Cheikh Anta Diop)


APARECO (L’Alliance des Patriotes pour la Refondation du Congo) is sounding the alarm, once more, in order to denounce and to condemn the imminent explosion of organized and planned terrorism in the Democratic Republic of Congo by the military and political leaders of Rwanda, namely Paul Kagame, of Kaguta Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, and of their Trojan Horse in DRC, “Joseph Kabila”, whose real name is Hyppolite Kanambe.

For some time now, in the Congolese region of Kivu, specifically in Beni and in Ituri in eastern Congo, these three military and political heads have triggered, after having very carefully planned, a vast  action of chaos characterized by massive massacres of Congolese populations that they try to present to the world as being the beginning of terrorism.  This Machiavellian strategy of creating chaos by spilling the blood of Congolese people aims at creating circumstances of political troubles as part of the ongoing invasion of the DRC that started in 1996 and that has, as the ultimate goal, the raping of the resources of the DRC, the occupation of the DRC’s territories that are rich in minerals, and, finally, the annexation, for good, of these Congolese territories to Rwanda and Uganda.  This strategy intends also to deviate the world’s attention from the political problem of the occupation of the DRC that has been going on for almost twenty years now.

But, some of the Rwandan Tutsi soldiers who have been assigned this diabolical mission but who do not share in this hegemonic, expansionist, annexationist, and mad vision of their military leaders, and whose identities we have to protect for the obvious reason of their security, have provided us with detailed and integral information concerning the concept, the planning,  and the execution of this vast plot whose consequences run the risk of  overflowing, tomorrow, across the national borders of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and spill all over Central and Eastern Africa.

Based on all of the above, APARECO:

  • Forcefully denounces and condemns the secret meetings between “Joseph Kabila” and a delegation of Syrian terrorists and rebels in Kigali, in Rwanda, under the sponsorship of Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni.  The aim of these meetings was to plan terrorist actions in Kinshasa against both the Congolese people who are hostile to the Rwandan government of occupation of the DRC and against Western interests in Kinshasa.  The final goal of these operations is to force the governments of the West, beginning with the United States of America, for them to ease on the political pressure that they have been putting on these three Tutsi military and political heads (Kagame, Museveni, and “Kabila”) concerning their political (presidential) terms or duration.
  • Denounces and condemns the duplicity and the ambiguity of the American intelligence services that, having been perfectly informed about these terrorist projects as well as the secret meetings in Kigali, they have, instead, chosen to negotiate with “Joseph Kabila” and Paul Kagame in order to persuade them to abandon this project of operations with Syrian terrorists and rebels instead of publicly and vigorously condemning  and combatting these mephistophelic projects that intend to introduce terrorism in DRC and in the African Great Lakes.
  • Reminds everyone here, for this circumstance, the responsibility of the United States that welcomed, in the 1990’s, at the United States Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth in Arkansas, home of Bill Clinton, Major-General Paul Kagame who was trained on the subjects of “Psychological Operations” and on “Anti-Insurrectional Measures” that teach methods intended to plan and to apply violence against masses of crowds of protesters!  From 1990 to today, Paul Kagame, with the backing and the advice of his teachers, has been rigorously applying these bloody methods in the genocides that he, personally, planned and carried out both in Rwanda, in 1994, and in the DRC from 1996 to today.
  • Congratulates the Russian government that, once it received information about the contacts between Syrian rebels and terrorists and “Joseph Kabila”, reacted immediately by sending its ambassador in Kinshasa, on Sunday, August 21, 2016, to transmit to him through his military advisor, General Olenga, the message of protestation from the Russian government and its decision to freeze the sharing of information between Kremlin and Kinshasa.
  • Urgently urges the United States of America and the other Western governments to do everything in order to stop, without delay, this bloody project of introducing terrorism in the DRC and in the African Great Lakes; because, no one would be able to predict, tomorrow, the reach and the extend of the consequences and the destructive impact of these terrorist operations on the rest of Africa and of the world.
  • Invites the Congolese political class, setting everything else aside, to mobilize together in order to, first, stop the grave menace that is weighing on the integrity of the national territory and on the sovereignty of the Congolese people; because,  one cannot seriously consider debating democracy in a country in which foreigners are raping its resources, are gang raping its women and little girls, are mass-killing its populations, and are balkanizing its national territory.
  • Sends a patriotic call to all the segments of the Congolese population, particularly those of the Kivu and the Kinshasa regions, to mobilize together as ONE person in order to fight with every ounce of our energy this new phase of the occupation of our country by attackers and vultures who use all means and who have chosen “the technique of the scorched earth” in order to reach their goals.
  • May God bless and protect the Democratic Republic of the Congo!

Paris, August 29, 2016

Honoré Ngbanda-Nzambo ko Atumba

National President of APARECO

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