Cote D`Ivoire – oil strikes and the criminal ICC

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Ivorian Oil Workers Strike as ICC Trial of Former Leaders Continues

Limitations of foreign direct investment revealed while economy weakens

One thought on “Cote D`Ivoire – oil strikes and the criminal ICC

  1. Cheslea,I agree with a lot of your article. It is hard to cmndeon the ICC, when it is the first international court to trial heads of state. I think it is important to show that he ICC is more than just a few over funded judges. Although it comes at the expense of only African nations, I think this is a turning point for human rights and maybe others will soon be brought to justice around the world.Also, there has been talk of the ICC creating a fourth reason for prosecution, that is war of aggression. Rumor has it that if it was to be created, Tony Blair would have to sit on trail.

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