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Genocide is Still Genocide

Warning: Don’t Fall for ‘Climate Change’ Sucker Job!

As the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 21) continues in Paris, it is my duty as a world citizen and a South African patriot to speak out against any effort to compromise with the Satanic leadership of the British Empire, and its lackeys, such as U.S. President Barack Obama, to seek a ‘better deal’ for Africa and the developing sector.

The LaRouche movement has consistently demonstrated in its statements and reports—most recently in its Special Report entitled ‘Global Warming’ Scare is Population Reduction, Not Science [1] —that the intention of those behind the climate change agenda is to induce a global genocide on a scale that would have made Hitler blush with envy. It is the repeatedly stated policy of the bitch Queen and her demented and evil family to reduce global energy consumption and lower the energy-flux densities of our fuels, to achieve the gruesome goal of reducing world population from 7 billion to 1 billion people.

Human progress, from our beginnings to today, is appropriately measured in increases in the use of more dense and efficient energy sources, providing greater amounts of energy in a given land area. For example, firewood is less energy-dense and efficient than coal, which is less energy-dense than using hydrocarbons, such as petroleum, with nuclear fuels being the most dense and efficient sources of energy. These increases in energy-flux density are mirrored in the improvement of the human condition—from hunting-and-gathering and agrarian societies to modern industrial society. So-called renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar, are less dense and less efficient sources of energy, and their imposition on society reverses progress, making less energy available at a far greater expense.

Actions proposed under the Paris draft agreement will enforce reductions in energy consumption, which will leave much of the world in poverty and forced underdevelopment, deliberately creating conditions which will increase death rates globally. To seek compensation for Africa or for all developing nations, because of the high costs of agreed measures, will not reverse the genocidal effects of the policy. It is the equivalent of asking the Nazis for a payment to each of their victims on the way to the gas chambers.

We must not fall for this imperial trick. We must not act like slaves asking for some crumb of comfort from their bestial slave masters. Instead, we must boldly reject the conference and its premises entirely. No amount of brainwashing pouring from the Empire’s media spigots, no amount of screeching from the climate change hoaxters, can overturn the truth that there is no scientific basis for belief in anthropogenic climate changes (i.e., caused by human activity). From this lie flows the agenda of enforced reduction in energy consumption, whose real and intended effect will be conditions in which current population levels cannot be sustained, and in which death rates will rise.

Rather than demand payments on our way to the gas chambers, or a delay in our execution, we must reject the entire premise of the conference. We must demand a significant increase in global energy throughput, through increasing energy-flux densities. We do this by demanding a global programme to promote and fund nuclear energy development and deployment—the one ‘renewable’ source that climate change hoaxers never promote—as we are doing here in South Africa, but on a far faster timetable.

But we must not stop there. Yes, we need to get past our dependence on fossil fuels, past even nuclear fission energy, as that supply is limited by available nuclear fuels such as uranium. Instead we must move as rapidly as possible to the use of nuclear fusion energy and a hydrogen-based economy as the next step in the development of mankind. We do so, because unlike the Satanic preachers of climate change, we believe that man is unique among all of God’s creations, in that we have been endowed with the Promethean power of creativity. We alone have the power to discover and act upon the principles that organize the universe. We alone have the power, by our willful intentions, to create the future.

We reject the claims of the Pope when, allowing Satan to use his voice, he tells us that it is wrong to believe in the power of human creativity to solve our problems. He claims it is wrong to believe that science, informed by God-given human creativity, can discover new universal principles. In so doing, this Pope denies the power of the creativity that makes us human, and separates us from all other living creatures. We believe in man’s continuing perfectibility, to make ourselves always better.

We are human beings, not slaves. We do not beg for the rights God gave us, which no man or monarch can take away. We seek a different agenda, one that leads us from the troubles of today to a better tomorrow, for all who come after us. To support the climate change agenda—any part of it, with additional compensation or not—is to deny our humanity. If we do that, we lose the moral fitness to survive.



Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane
LaRouche South Africa
7 December 2015


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