This is an automatic translation from APARECO, to read original in French click HERE – FLASH / The inquiry document Honoré Ngbanda messes in the “Tutsi-power” in Kinshasa

They expected anything but that! So that Kanambe Hyppolite and his Rwandan staff were still groggy after waves of leaflets APARECO that continue to pour into the offices of officials, military camps and camps Police through Kinshasa, the spread of document ” inquiry into the operation of the network and the occupation system of occupation of the DRC by the  came literally knock them out.

So, this Sunday, February 15 from 19h to 22h, a crisis meeting of the “Tutsi power” was held at Janet “Kabila” to discuss the devastating consequences of this and urgent measures to be taken against the author. The Black Mass was attended  Azarias Ruberwa , Bizima Karaha , Moses Nyarugabo , Zoe “Kabila” , Pastor Mugalu  and general  BISENGIMANA , Etumba  and  Olenga .

By the end of the meeting, convened Bizima Karaha Kalev, head of the ANR to transmit the decision of the Rwandan staff to send postpone all other cases, a team of 22 military officers to conduct nightly Mikondo looking for Honoré Ngbanda which according to the “last minute of reliable information” , it would be hidden. Specific instructions were given to Kalev do everything not to alert the population during this research, and for this, the 22 military should be civil. This team has searched the houses and suspected places Mikondo 23 hours at 5 in the morning returned empty-handed.

The continued dissemination of leaflets APARECO on campus and institutes, especially around the ISP / Gombe and official offices of the Police and Army are believed to “Joseph Kabila” that agents Congolese ANR and DEMIAP collude with the leader of APARECO. He instructed Bizima Karaha to strengthen surveillance of both services to unearth the moles in the service of the resistance and proceed without hesitation to their immediate execution. It was in this atmosphere that André Kimbuta, Governor of the City-province of Kinshasa presented “Joseph Kabila” its plan to find and “neutralize all mercenaries infiltrated Ngbanda Kinshasa” and its agents who distribute leaflets across Kinshasa. He received a large sum of money from Zoe “Kabila” personally control the realization of the mission of which is the code name H32 (Honoré Ngbanda 32 years in power)!

Since US officials have informed the Rwandan impostor he must leave power in the DRC, otherwise they will drag the default ICC “neutralize” the son of Adrien Kanambe seems to have lost some reason he had. His confusion is even greater than its lobbies in the West have confirmed that the United States have set their sights on Moses Katumbi they want to impose the Congolese after his departure. Washington would it obtained the agreement of Paul Kagame! What Katumbi Rwandan Tutsi whose wife Carine Nahayo already manages the interests of Kagame in Katanga, gave as an additional guarantee Kagame for this market? Still, the West stayed logic itself: do never put the Congo in the hands of the Congolese people for at least 50 years for it to rule looting by multinational and complete the process of its Balkanization.

Paris February 17, 2015