The protesters in the amateur footage below had spent the entire day outside Whitehall, London. Massed in their hundreds to protest the fraudulent  Congo elections of 2011. The BBC reported nothing. The police cracked down and the tube line that the protesters traveled home on was shut. But hey it`s ok we all live in a democracy.Protests took place in Ottawa, Toronto, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Brussels, London and Birmingham with little to no news coverage.

Watch and listen to what is said in this footage below.This was a MASS PROTEST of CONGO VOICES in the UK that went unreported by the media.Les personnes de Congo savez toutes.

Joseph Kabila (real name Kanambe) is a FRAUD and all Congolese know this.These mass protests were in every country where Congolese live in exile .Unanimously they denounce the puppet president who acts for Rwanda/Kagame/UK. There was no mainstream media coverage of the protests by the BBC.The elections in 2011 were rigged. The real president of DRC is Etienne Tshisekedi, not the hero of all Congolese but a vast improvement on Kabila.

In Cape Town and again outside an international mining industry`s convention center Congolese communities in South Africa had this to say :

“There is no government representative of the people at the moment in the DRC. Kabila stole the elections and is stealing the wealth of our country.”

To Jacob Zuma the protesters` placards spoke frankly: “Your president Zuma and his cronies have mines up in DRC, that`s why you are supporting Kabila.”

The INTERNATIONAL NATION OF THE CONGO, an entire country in EXILE has unanimously called for the international community, for Obama, Cameron, Zuma, Hollande to denounce the 2011 election of Kabila (real name Kanambe).

One of thousands protesting in Birmingham, UK had this to say :

“What we see taking place in the Congo is completely against the election principle in any country. That`s why we are vibrantly calling on all communities to respect the Congolese people, and to respect the voice of the Congolese people.”

“The DRC has been in crisis for many years. The causes of this crisis are,  in part,  located in the fact that the West and the British Government in particular,  supports the present dictatorship and all negative forces including Rwanda,  which destabilize the DRC. The election took place on 28/11/2011 and we expected that these elections will bring about change. Unfortunately Kabila who is in power at present is still hanging onto power despite the fact that he has lost. What we are asking is that he leaves power so that Tshisekedi who has won the elections can govern the destiny of the Congolese people. But what is not good is the attitude of Western countries. A few days ago, the British, Belgian and French amambassadors visited Etienne Tshisekedi in Kinshasa and asked him to calm the opposition in the diaspora. This attitude is unacceptable. I call it ” la culpabilisation de la victime.” We are the victims of the present situation but Western governments who support dictatorship, instead of supporting us, they make us feel guilty of this situation. What we are asking from governments and all those who follow us,  is to support the Congolese cause. The Congo is a very rich country, but today if you look at the indicators of development the Congo is the poorest country in the world despite its wealth. This situation has to stop and for it to stop the West has to stop supporting what takes place in the Congo.”