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March 12, 2015
After months of insistence of the Special Envoy of the United States of America in the African Great Lakes region, Mr Russell Feingold and his showdown with the Government of the DRC, a group of criminal elements of the Rwandan Forces Defense (FRD) infiltrated the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) and their acolytes in the last forces carry out systematic massacres of Rwandan Hutu refugees particularly in the village of Bambo in the locality of Kirama and in many other places in North and South Kivu in the DRC.
The Hutu refugee camp in North Kivu Kirama bombed.  There are only the ashes

These criminal forces operate particularly in the 601, 806 and 301st regiments with the direct involvement of the General Eric MUROKORE (Rwandan), Col RAMAZANI and Mateso neck . All these forces are under the command of General Bruno Mandevu , Comd of the operation dubbed “SOKOLA II” , a well known war criminal and known for its serious violations of human rights and whose appointment by the DRC MONUSCO pushed to suspend cooperation with the FARDC.

Using the same old pretext of pursuing the freedom of FDLR combatants, the United States of America, under the instigation of their Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region, seem to have blessed and endorsed the return of the Rwandan Defence Forces (FRD) on Congolese soil, to destroy the Hutu refugees as it was in 1996 and the years that followed, causing a tragedy that, to date, has cost the lives of about 8,000,000 souls , refugees Rwandan and Congolese indigenous confused in the DRC. Recall that, according to the UN Mapping Report, this tragedy could be called genocide once examined by a competent court. We would therefore like to alert the organization of the United Nations, SADC and the wider international community to the following :

  • The events of recent days have shown that elements of FRD more particulièment special forces have returned to the DRC to continue the massacres against the Hutu refugees as they have always done.
  • It is to be regretted that the Special Envoy of the United States in the Great Lakes Region, Mr Russell Feingold, instead of objectively inform his government about the real situation and the realities on the ground, became staunch defender KIGALI his willingness to end the Rwandan refugees earlier massacres survivors, by completely ignoring their legitimate claims of seeking peace through negotiations for the dignified return of refugees to the fold. These failures have resulted prevent its government to assess the situation to his justly.
  • The militaristic option at the expense of the peaceful approach of the FDLR, only serving obscure interests of the RPF, and instead of bringing peace and stability in the region, will only exacerbate tensions in the long , may produce another humanitarian catastrophe in the region. The FCLR-Ubumwe attracts the attention of all the supporters of the more violent solution particulèrement the Government of the DRC, which is doing the play KIGALI and sooner or later , liable for criminal acts committed by Rwandan have staff acting under the guise of regular armed forces of the DRC FARDC.
  • The main victims of massacres are new for most children, women, the elderly and the sick that the attacks were directed against the villages, towns and camps for displaced persons and defenseless refugees.
  • The use of prohibited weapons such as incendiary bombs which are launched blindly
    • We believe that the main reason that pushed the Congolese Government to choose to designate criminals known elements of its armed forces at the head of these operations in the eastern DRC and to refuse to cooperate with MONUSCO and Brigade response is to ensure that it does there is no unwanted witnesses of these killings as it was done there eighteen years. It is also a way to allow Rwandan Defence Forces (RDF) to enter Congolese soil and operate incognit.
    • It is imperative that the international community as a whole, the great powers in particular, human rights organizations, people love peace and humanity, the media follow very closely this new war against people harmless and defenseless and endangering the initiative FDLR being to seek peace, triggering an unnecessary situation of hostilities in areas of the DRC who were nevertheless remained peaceful since the defeat of M23.
    • By refusing to put pressure on Rwanda to find a peaceful negotiated political solution to the Rwandan problem as originally proposed by the member states of SADC, some major powers have revealed their true intentions in the Great Lakes Region Africans who maintain the chaos at all costs including using the tyrannical regime of General Paul Kagame to plunder Congo’s natural resources while pretending to support democracy and the rule of law. In doing so, these great powers engage their responsibility in the new ongoing humanitarian disaster and history will not be kind to all the architects of a killing frenzy that the world could yet avoid.
    • The FDLR has solemnly declared that he intends to fight militarily nor the Congolese armed forces or MONUSCO nor anyone there is therefore no justification for any country to engage its armed forces against of those who voluntarily gave up the military struggle as is currently in the process of being in the DRC.
    • The special envoy of the United – States of America, Mr Russell Feingold married the campaign of demonization of the Kigali regime against Rwandan Hutu refugees in DRC and is bent on the relay by putting all the ills of the region on their backs . We hope that this malicious scout will not continue to deceive and lead astray his Government as to cause a superpower to tolerate the preamble of its historic Declaration of Independence 04. 07. 1776 is betrayed and trampled even bafoné “; we take for obvious by them – selves the following truths: that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of .
    • Governments are instituted among men to secure these rights deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, “the people have the right to change or abolish it …” It is the firm belief of FCLR-Ubumwe that in no way, creating a chaotic environment where every criminal is justified and feels empowered to kill all those who claim it their fundamental rights and freedoms, can not bring peace. Moreover, the time to endure the oppression and pers