Comparison of COVID-19 Deaths

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Comparison of COVID-19 Deaths

July 10 (EIRNS)—How does the United States rank in terms of keeping down the death rate in COVID-19 cases? Here are five countries on COVID-19 deaths per case, and per 100,000 population.

On the ratio of deaths to cases, the United Kingdom has a nasty 15%, with Mexico at just under 12%, China at 5.5%, the United States at just above 4%, and Russia under 2%. This relates, in a rough sense, to the quality of treatment.

When measured in terms of deaths per 100,000 population: the United Kingdom is at 67; the United States, 41; Mexico, 27; and Russia, 8. China, by the way, comes in at 0.33. One might characterize this, perhaps, in terms of the quality of containment.

Source: EIR Daily Alert Service

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