Climate Nuts Still Trying To Sink Presidential Climate Science Review

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Climate Nuts Still Trying To Sink Presidential Climate Science Review

April 9, 2019(EIRNS)—Unnamed senior administration officials told two different media this month that the creation of a Presidential Committee on Climate Security to review the actual causes of climate change is still “under active review,” with no final decision made.

The “man-made climate change” hoax apparatus is therefore scrambling. One proposal put forward by “several camps in the White House” is to replace the idea of a panel staffed by independent climate scientists with an “internal” review carried out by federal government climate researchers, McClatchy reported on April 2. This idea is reportedly coming from people in the Domestic Policy Council, the Council on Environmental Quality, and the Council of Economic Advisors, who “roundly oppose” any independent panel.

Roy Spencer, a former NASA scientist who is now the principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, calls the proposal to have government researchers “dependent upon climate alarmism for their programs to stay funded” carry out the review,

“would be like having only tobacco company executives on a committee to look into the connection between smoking and cancer. Or like the EPA (until recently) having their Science Advisory Committee made up of only researchers who received tens of millions of dollars in EPA grants,”

the Washington Times reported yesterday.

The Washington Post weighed in yesterday, too, profiling the Departments of Defense and State, the EPA, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence as keeping their distance from any such White House panel, and alleging staunch military support for the climate “threat.” The Post cites the testimony given before the Senate Armed Forces Committee last week by the Air Force Chief of Staff, the commanders of U.S. European Command and the U.S. Transportation Command, and by the NATO Supreme Allied Commander for Europe, each insisting on the threat to national security from climate change.

Source: EIR Daily Alert Service

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