CLIMATE CHANGE – Killing the African Dream

this article was originally published in 2015

Given that Donald Trump is promising to withdraw the USA from COP21 and hopefully putting an end to the entire charade of lies that is Man-Made Global Warming/Climate Change now is the time to educate yourself, if you have not already done so, on the facts not fiction regarding this subject. As far as African countries are concerned COP21 / Green Energy / Sustainable Development will bring NOTHING to African nations. Industry and development is what the entire continent needs and industry can only, under present technology, be driven by fossil fuels and nuclear energy. A basic HUMAN RIGHT is the right to electricity and a decent standard of living. Green technology cannot and will not provide this on sufficient levels. To eradicate poverty in Africa, industrialization is the only road. To create African economic power houses the only means at our disposal are by using fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Egypt and South Africa are currently investing in nuclear energy. The more we concentrate on this incredible source of energy, the safer and cleaner we can make it. Nuclear Fission is the future. It is the opposite of nuclear fusion. Along with nuclear tech we can and will create abundant sources of free energy but intrical to this is freeing the world from  the grip of those who suppress innovation in technology.


“One clear thing that emerges from the whole environmental debate is the point that there is somebody keen to kill the African dream and the African dream is to develop” James Shikwati – Kenyan economist

For rich countries to tell poor nations to invest only in alternative energy, and for them to ban chemicals that help control disease-carrying insects-and then claim to be responsible , humanitarian, and compassionate – is to engage in hypocrisy of the most lethal kind.”James Shikwati

Sustainable Development is the Empire`s 21st century Economic War against Africa

Sustainable development is an agenda devised by the United Nations. It works as a part of the Climate Change so-called crisis. Sustainable Development is not what it appears to be. It is not a program for the protection of the Earth and natural resources. The hidden agenda of Sustainable Development is a policy of de-growth, de-population and the global take-over of all resources including all private ownership, land mass, fresh and ocean water, air and even outer space by an unelected politburo controlled by a handful of mega corporations owned by a handful of the world`s super-rich elite.It is the death knell for African prosperity and industrialization and the new masked economic war to keep the status quo of the financial elite`s African zoo. Sounds hard to believe?

First we will look at the factual data that proves man-made Global Warming/Climate Change is based on fraudulent science. It is not actually based on science at all. It is ideological propaganda.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – IPCC. The IPCC is the United Nations body that is considered the authority on climate change. It takes as its premise that climate change is man-made. Its objective is to “stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic [i.e., human-induced] interference with the climate system”.

The information presented by this UN authority is presented as peer reviewed gospel. It is presented as fact from pre-eminent scientific research. The IPCC does not conduct its own research. The panel of the IPCC consists not necessarily of scientists or even those with scientific backgrounds, it is in fact a panel of bureaucratic delegates based in Geneva whose role is to select `lead authors` for climate change research. Prof. Ross McKitrick discussed this at the Canadian Senate Hearing on Climate Change – 15 Dec 2011 –

It has been revealed that many of the contributing scientific papers are written by graduates and even more alarmingly by environmental activists from Greenpeace and the WWF who are biased in their `research` before they even start. This was exposed in a book by Donna Laframboise – `The Delinquent Teenager Who was Mistaken for the World`s Top Climate Expert`. The choice of title reflects the activist age and attitude of those in authority of the IPCC. The IPCC`s credibility has been shredded by `Climategate`, a scandal in 2009 which involved leaked emails in which blatant bullying, filtering of research and altering of figures by the delegates of the IPCC were exposed. `Climategate` revealed that global warming is a scam and the bogus research on which the so-called science is based was put together by a select group of British and American scientists who have deliberately manipulated data in order to make the case for human-caused climate change and global warming. Or in the words of John L Casey, president of the Space and Science Corporation : ” Man made climate change is the biggest fraud in the history of science.”

First we were told in 2006 by the would-be president of America, Al Gore, that the Earth was undergoing Global Warming in a documentary called `An Inconvenient Truth`. Since the making of this globally screened documentary much of the scientific data that the warming statistics were modelled on have been discredited although the UN official narrative is still sticking to this story. It has since been revealed that scientists were funded and chosen to produce data which is not based on fact but which were biased towards the preferred conclusions. Furthermore the catastrophic future climate trends upon which UN policies are based are derived from flawed computer models. Christopher Monckton gives explanation for this erroneous programming which results in temperature increase in a paper submitted to the Chinese Science Bulletin which can be viewed HERE `Why Models Run Hot`.

The following is from Friends of Science ( – the myths and facts of global warming. These conclusions have been reached by a multitude of organizations and scientific institutes. And a brief internet search will indicate just how many within the scientific community are voicing the same opinion. The YouTube channel – Folly1000 is an excellent catalogue of scientific debate on the climate.

Myth – global temperatures are rising at an unprecedented rate

Fact : The HadCRUT3 surface temperature index, produced by the Hadley Centre of the UK Met Office and the Climate research Unit of the University of east Anglia, shows warming to 1878, cooling to 1911, warming to 1941, cooling to 1964, warming to 1998 and cooling through 2011. The warming rate from 1964 to 1998 was the same as the previous warming from 1911 to 1941. Satellites, weather balloons and ground stations all show cooling since 2001. the mild warming of 0.6 to 0.8C over the 20th century is well within the natural variations recorded in the last millennium. The ground station network suffers from an uneven distribution across the globe; the stations are preferentially located in growing urban and industrial areas(“heat islands”), which show substantially higher readings than adjacent rural areas (“land use effects”). Two science teams have shown that correcting the surface temperature record for the effects of urban development would reduce the reported warming trend over land from 1980 by half.

There has been no catastrophic warming recorded. (end of quote)

The oceans are no longer warming and since 2003 have in fact been cooling. As has the atmosphere which has been recorded as cooling since 2007. The Sun has begun a solar hibernation which happens cyclically every 206 years or so years and we are in the process of entering a new cold climate. In Russia scientists are free to speak about this and are in agreement that the global warming era has already ended sometime ago and we are entering a cold period. The Russian Academy of Sciences predicts a new little Ice Age which has already begun.

Russian scientists are also at liberty to announce that man made emissions of carbon dioxide are not responsible for climate change.

Climate Change because that is what it does. That the climate changes is plain for all to see and does not require scientific expertize, only common sense. The Earth`s climate has throughout history , changed from hot to cold, from dry to wet in cycles and seasons that are natural. The Sahara was once a lush wetland, Danish settlers were dairy farming on Greenland until 1200AD, Austria’s glaciers were receding in the 1800s and 2000 years ago the Taklimakan Desert in China supported trees and crops. Changes in winds and ocean currants, proximity to the Sun on the Earth`s changing orbit, galactic events and natural geographic events all contribute through the ages to climate change. Here is an Australian geologist , Prof Ian Plimer giving some good old common sense :

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. So why does the United Nations want us all to pay Carbon Tax? Carbon dioxide is what we breathe out and it is what plants breathe in. Plants love carbon dioxide, it is plant food. Our atmosphere has less than .04% carbon dioxide, that is not even 1%. In the days of giant dinosaurs and giant plants the level of carbon dioxide was thousands of times higher and life on Earth thrived. The United Nations Climate Change pushers tell us and teach our children in schools that the Greenhouse Effect is the driver behind global warming. In Britain, A Level students are actually taught that methane produced by cows is a major contributor to this. It is more like superstition than advanced science to say that farting cows are heating up the planet, it is absurd. 97% of the atmosphere is water vapour and cloud. The remaining 3% is gases of carbon dioxide, methane, ozone and nitrogen. To class carbon dioxide as a toxic substance is insanity. Carbon dioxide is essential to life on Earth.



The climate changes dramatically and naturally and always has done.

There is no correlation between temperature and CO2 levels.We are currently in an ice age which is why ice caps have ice and most of the higher northern hemisphere has low population as it is uncomfortably cold for most of the year ( Canada, Scotland, Scandinavia and Siberia)

Ice caps are melting. We only had the satellite technology to measure the extent of the ice caps since 1979. Scientists have absolutely no figures prior to 1979 documenting the thickness or extent of the ice caps. Many arctic and antarctic explororers navigated through the ice sheets early 20th century. They did not have ice-breakers therefore the ice fields were as navigable.And further back in time there was at some point no ice at all surrounding the Antarctic


the ancient Piri Reis map re-discovered by Charles Hapwood

The bogus scientists who alarm the public with theories of melting sea ice and therefore rising sea levels expose their own stupidity and lack of knowledge of the fundamentals of physics. Put an ice cube in a glass of water and note how once the ice cube has melted the level of water in the glass does not change.

So why do it ? Fossil fuels are made of carbon and when burnt release carbon dioxide. The Carbon Tax that the UN would impose globally is payment for carbon-derived energy consumption. The outcome of such a globally imposed policy will produce enormous amounts of revenue for the UN.It will be the first totalitarian policy to be accountable to what is fast becoming a totalitarian and tyrannical global institution. It will be the first globally imposed cap on energy consumption and therefore – development. Development is what Africa needs, massive amounts of industrial development which will turn the continent into the next economic power hub. The financial elite of imperialism have kept the continent purposefully underdeveloped, destabilized and unindustrialized for the benefit of themselves and a handful of mega corporations that have used the continent as a raw materials market. It is essential, therefore, that all Africans wake-up to the Sustainability agenda and realize that it is a trap. Africa does not need solar and wind energy, it needs fossil fuel and nuclear while we develop new high-tech solutions to our energy requirements.

Carbon emissions = Capitalism =Development and Growth=anti-Environmentalism= EVIL

” The Environmental Movement has evolved into the strongest force there is in preventing development in the developing countries.” Patrick Moore, founder of Greenpeace

The Sustainablity agenda pushed by the UN is being publically promoted by the engineered culture of the Environmentalist/Green movement.We are being led to believe in such anti-human concepts as the well-known phrase – the Earth has a cancer and the cancer is man. Such thinking stems from a book published in the 1972 – Limits to Growth which presents a view of the world where energy production is limited by finite resources which can only support a limited population.This book was commissioned by the Club of Rome. The Club of Rome is a think tank comprised of `concerned world citizens`. It is nothing other than an organization with unlimited funding set up to psychologically craft a new culture within Western society that would achieve its goal of publically sanctioned world depopulation. Unfortunately we are now on the brink of witnessing their success, as the Pope is now calling for world depopulation and likening humanity to scum covering the Earth.

The great push by the UN for Carbon Tax is aimed at fossil fuels, to restrict and limit their use.Fossil fuels are by far the cheapest form of energy production. Energy is what the UN`s agenda is aimed at. The UN is pushing for the sole use of green energy, sustainable renewable energy from wind and solar. 88% of global energy is produced by fossil fuels. The first to be taken out and depopulated by proposed carbon taxes and de-growth policies will be the poorest of the poor – currently most of these people live in Africa. As Africa is undesputebly the most resource- rich God`s Eden of a continent it has for the entirety of the previous century already been subject to colonialism`s unspoken policy of de-industrialization.The fat cats and big eaters behind the Club of Rome have ingeniously concocted a new plan to continue the policy of keeping Africa at a `sustainable` level with UN mandated policy. Ironically enough the headquarters of the Club of Rome is in Switzerland where the near total value of southern Africa`s Copperbelt belonging to Glencore also resides. God forbid Zambians and Congolese attain the same standard of living as the Swiss!

Socialist and environmentalist movements are pushing for a global policy of de-growth.Anti- capitalism is the trend of the times and capitalism blamed for all the evils of the modern world. It is now disclosed and documented that a mere 147 corporations own and control 40% of the global economy, hardly capitalism when an elite criminal network control and own presidents and policy.Economic growth is presented as the mother of all evils when it is the only solution to the most important human right, a human right that most of the Third World has yet to experience – the alleviation of dire poverty.

The same entity that funds the Club of Rome and owns those 147 corporations has achieved a level of unlimited super-wealth and super-power through energy monopolization, the monopoly on oil. Keeping the world dependent on fossil fuel has been the secret of their success and the reason that despite numerous inventions that have held the potential to transform energy production, we still rely on the internal combustion engine. There are unlimited examples of this such as the recent unexplained death of an Indian inventor who was developing a compression engine that runs on air. Water driven cars were invented decades ago and even further back in 1927 Henry Ford produced an automobile that ran on hemp oil and was made out of hemp fibre. The first diesel engine ran on peanut oil. In the 1800s Nikola Tesla invented wireless electricity transmission. This criminal network has been suppressing technology for a very long time including what is our saving grace in an oil-less world – nuclear power.

Wood and hydro are two of the most important sources of renewable energy. The UN are against both. Combined they are able to supply 85% of renewable energy. Both sources are reliable and cost-effective. The World Bank is infamous for denying funding for hydro-projects. The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China was denied funding. The Chinese built it anyway and it now produces 22,500 Megawatts of hydro-electricity which is the equivalent of 40 coal fired power plants.

Nuclear Energy – big bad and ugly not. Patrick Moore is the founder of Greenpeace. He no longer supports this organization. In this conference he explains a great deal about how environmentalism has been highjacked :


We need more carbon dioxide. Because contrary to all the alarmist propaganda, arid regions especially northern Africa`s Sahel are greening. Information on these findings from satellite observations can be read on – `Deserts `greening` from rising CO2`. There has been an 11% increase in foliage cover since 1982 in the arid regions of Australia, North America, the Middle East and Africa. This is attributed to CO2 fertilization according to CSIRO research scientist, Dr Randall Donohue.


The Sahel is greening due to increased levels of CO2 and changes in rainfall.

The following is an excerpt from the Global Warming Policy Foundation which is an organization established to present genuine scientific debate about man-made climate change. The chairman is former UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson who was originally commissioned by the UK government to conduct a report on Global Warming.

“The Sahara is actually shrinking, with vegetation arising on land where there was nothing but sand and rocks before.4 The southern border of the Sahara has been retreating since the early 1980s, making farming viable again in what were some of the most arid parts of Africa. There has been a spectacular regeneration of vegetation in northern Burkina Faso, which was devastated by drought and advancing deserts 20 years ago. It is now growing so much greener that families who fled to wetter coastal regions are starting to come back. There are now more trees, more grassland for livestock and a 70% increase in yields of local cereals such sorghum and millet in recent years. Vegetation has also increased significantly in the past 15 years in southern Mauritania, north-western Niger, central Chad, much of Sudan and parts of Eritrea.5 In Burkina Faso and Mali, production of millet rose by 55 percent and 35 percent, respectively, since 1980.6 Satellite photos, taken between 1982 and 2002, revealed the extensive re-greening throughout the Sahel.7 Aerial photographs and interviews with local people have confirmed the increase in vegetation.

The main reason for the greening of the Sahara and the Sahel has been an increase in rainfall since the mid-1980s.9 Of the 40 rainfall stations across the Sahel, most of them have been observing an increase in rainfall.10 If sustained, the increasing rainfalls could revitalize drought-ravaged regions, reclaiming them for farming.11 The United Nations’ Africa Report of 2008 confirmed that the greening of the Sahel is now well established and that increases in rainfall are the main driver of the change in the vegetation cover. The report noted that there was a 50% increase in vegetation in parts of Mali, Mauritania and Chad during 1982-2003.12 Vegetation changes play a significant role in the rainfall variability.13 The increase in rainfall has allowed more plants to grow, which in turn increases precipitation even more. Plants transfer moisture from the soil into the air by evaporation from their leaves and hold water in the soil close to the surface, where it can also evaporate. The darker surface of plants compared with sand also absorb more solar radiation, which can create convection and turbulence in the atmosphere which might create rainfall. Vegetation effects account for around 30 percent of annual rainfall variation in the Sahel.14 The increased vegetation will fix the soil, enhance its anti-wind-erosion ability, reduce the possibility of released dust and consequently cause a decline in the numbers of sand-dust storms.15

However, the greening cannot be explained solely by the increase in rainfall. There were vegetation increases in areas where rainfall was decreasing, suggesting another factor was responsible for the greening in these areas.16 This other factor might have been the rise of atmospheric CO2 levels. The aerial fertilization effect of the ongoing rise in the air’s CO2 concentration increases greatly the productivity of plants. The more CO2 there is in the air, the better plants grow. Rising atmospheric CO2 levels also have an anti-transpiration effect, which enhances the water-use efficiency of plants and enables them to grow in areas that were once too dry for them. (end of quote)

So let`s produce more CO2 !

Heretics =global warming denial– a good analogy is the Spanish Inquisition`s arrest of Galileo for daring to conlict with the scientific dogma of the Roman Catholic Church with his premise that the Earth was not the centre of the Universe but that the Earth revolved around the Sun. The UN is currently acting as the Spanish Inquisition with such actions as those of a prominent American Climate Change stooge Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, who has called for the arrest and imprisonment of the anti-Climate Change scientists. On a deeper level the UN is fulfilling the orders of those who would keep humanity in the technological Dark Ages. Wind and solar power do not and will never power large industrial plants and it is criminal for the UN to deny African industrial development using African resources for African needs!

Support for Sustainable Development under Agenda 21 is spreading among African governments, most countries are now signatories with sub-Saharan regions seeing the greatest increase in adoption of sustainable development on the local government level. South Africa is leading the way, unfortunately. Agenda 21 has now been adopted by over 20 cities with full support at national government level. The media in South Africa is playing the prominent role in getting the population to screech about environmentalism while demonizing the ANCs commendable efforts to build a second nuclear power plant.

It is in South Africa that the political ideology behind the UN`s Climate/Global Warming/Agenda 21 Scam is most apparent. As a lead member of BRICS, South Africa, under the ANC is taking the first brave steps at dismantling the financial system that has ridden the continent in debt for far too long.

Sustainable Development cannot credit its increasingly viral adoption in Africa, to sound principles. Environmentalism through NGOs has already become an industry with unlimited funding and connected to millions of jobs, most of these being bureaucratic and on the rural community level. This is the ultimate in subversive political manipulation. Here is just one example : The EU recently issued an 88 million euro ( £62 million) funding scheme to African governments to develop local climate research centres. Research involves monitoring climate data and education to deal with natural disasters. The program is called Building Disaster Resilience to Natural Hazards in Sub-Saharan African Regions, Countries and Communities. There are no other words that can be said about such schemes other than that THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT. Raising living standards through development is the only way to protect populations from natural disasters. Building dams, canals and infrastructure protects populations from natural disasters. Such schemes as the Disaster Resilience and other climate monitoring research is nothing but bribery to buy into the lie of climate change.

Empire in Africa. Prince Charles is strongly connected to the Sustainability agenda and provides a way of understanding what and who is behind this. He is heir to the British Monarchy and therefore heir to the British Empire. We do not have the time in this aricle to explain to you that the British Empire never ceased to exist but empires do not just disappear. A diligent researcher of African history post 1960s should make it clear that colonialism under a British-based oligarchical Banking system has continued to rule.The monetary empire of the City of London and its Wall Street offspring have been conducting masked economic war against post- independence Africa through a policy of destabilization with its primary objective of war, famine,and under-development being responsible for the lack of investment , a situation now rapidly transforming under China.The City of London is the financial hub of our current global economic system operated by the various Central Banks, Bank of England, Federal Reserve of America, World Bank and the IMF. This is what forms the modern-day version of the British Empire – a monetary empire. The United Nations is dominated by the voting bloc of the British Commonwealth. For more information on the unrivalled power of the Commonwealth see the research paper and lectures by Jeffrey Steinberg of the LaRouche Movement. – `Britain`s Invisible Empire`.

Sustainable Development is the Empire`s 21st century Economic War against Africa

recommended viewing with comments from James Shikwati – The Great Global Warming Swindle

“The ice is melting! The sea is rising ! Hurricanes are blowing!

and it is all your fault

Scared? Don`t be. It`s not true”

The Sahel is greening! Neo colonialism is ending! The BRICS are developing and

Africa is rising!



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