City of London`s Last Stand – The Commonwealth of Common Purpose

Source: UK Column

UK Column News – 10th March 2017

Published on 10 Mar 2017

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott and Abi Reardon for today’s UK Column News update, including:

START Theresa May’s comments following European Council meeting
03:30 First Commonwealth Trade Ministers meeting: TTIP on steroids
12:15 “Fly a flag for the Commonwealth” – uniting in common purpose
18:21 Dishonesty behind Scottish Indyref 2
20:40 Progress in preventing the Names Person Scheme
27:30 Supreme Court ruling on child taken at birth from parents with learning difficulties
30:15 Abi Reardon discusses community action against Scottish Water
42:25 Europol releases its 2017 Serious & Organised Crime Threat Assessment
45:15 US sending troops into Syria uninvited
46:45 Rotherham police implicated in child sexual abuse

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