Chinese Maglev, with 600 km/h Maximum Design Speed, Successfully Tested

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Chinese Maglev, with 600 km/h Maximum Design Speed, Successfully Tested

June 26 (EIRNS)—A high-speed maglev test vehicle, with a designed maximum speed of 600 kilometres per hour (373 mph), successfully conducted its maiden test run on a 1.5 km maglev line at Tongji University in Shanghai on June 21, marking a new important breakthrough in China’s high-speed maglev development, CGTN reported.

In this first test run, it travelled much slower than its maximum design speed. Speeds will increase as testing progresses. The head of R&D for China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) asserted that “The vehicle showed stable suspension guidance and sound operation. All key technical indicators met the design requirements and expectations.”

According to CRRC, by the end of 2020, five high-speed maglev test vehicles will be rolled off the production line in China. Further, a whole engineering system of the 600 km/h high-speed maglev prototype will be completed.

The next step is to industrialize the technology. China aims to put a 500 km (300 mile) high-speed maglev line into commercial use by 2025.

The Zhejiang Daily reported that people in east China’s Zhejiang Province are especially excited about the news, as the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed maglev train has been included in the planned “ten super transport projects” in the province this April, although there is no set timetable.

If this is successful, it will be expanded to other routes. The 1,200 km Beijing-to-Shanghai trip, for example, takes about 4.5 hours by plane including preparation time, and about 5.5 hours by high-speed rail. That time could soon be halved.

China’s new maglev system incorporates scientific advancements made since the 30.5 km maglev line from Shanghai to its main international airport began operation in 2002.

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