China`s Economic Miracle can be Africa`s Economic Miracle

In 30 years China has lifted out of poverty 600 million of its people. China`s success has been based on a new economics. It has placed value on the physical economy instead of debt-based currency circulation. It has revived the spirit of people by reviving history and the philosophy of Confucius. It has invested in massive infrastructure projects as part of developing the physical economy, to unite all of China and connect with its neighbours.

All of this can be done in Africa. Africa can revive its magnificent history; unite all sovereign nations with inter-connecting high speed railways, waterways such as Transaqua, bridges, roads and the development of the physical economy.

Through Xi Jinping`s One Belt One Road initiative,  China is offering to build African infrastructure. The incredible part of this offer is that China will do this ON CREDIT NOT DEBT.

If Africa can unite under a new development of the physical economy then in 30 years,  600 million Africans can be lifted out of poverty. Nations that are taking China up on this offer will not be leaving a legacy of IMF debt to future generations; they will be leaving the legacy of industrial productive economies.

The Secret of China’s Economic Miracle  

Source: LaRouchePAC Videos