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I am not a socialist, nor a communist, nor a capitalist, nor a liberal, nor a conservative. I am deeply deeply tired of all these political paradigms, in fact so tired of these things and people who go on about dead, meaningless concepts that I wish the whole political paradigm thing would drop off the face of the Earth along with Cameron, Hollande, Merkel and Obama. That makes me sound anti-Western. I am not anti-Western. Of all the countries in the world I love America the most because of what the Founding Fathers intended America to be – Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Nowadays America is a cesspit. It is the trash-can of Western civilization. The U.S Administrations under Obama, Clinton and the Bush snr and jnr have been at war, war against Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Central America, South America and many other large sections of the globe including their own home turf. We have been told this war is peace, peace and democracy.It is not democracy or peace. It is just blasting a country to bits, putting in a proxy leadership and privatising the entire show or sponsoring Islamic extremists to perpetuate the war/peace thing and the USA/Israeli/British arms trade.

But it is not an Orwellian perpetual war on terror that makes America a trash-can of Western civilization, it is the near total loss of any civilizing principles.This once amazing country that once shone a light of hope for the entire world, now tortures prisoners with extreme methods, murders hundreds every year by lethal injections and electic shock that frequently go wrong, many of whom are innocent and whose families are too poor to afford legal fees and fight the military industrial prison complex in which the USA has the highest incarceration rate worldwide and has privatized its prison service so effectively it is now the largest growth sector in the US economy. Tens of thousands of  ( generational)Americans are homeless, broke and living from soup kitchens. Entire cities like Detroit have been bancrupted and abandonned and people`s livelihoods sold to Third World countries.And there`s the drugs, the drugs shipped in by the CIA networks, likes of Gary Webb told us about, shipped in to destroy and disempower the Black civil rights movents, deliberately injected into communities to wreck families and keep people from achieving their potentials. Just like what is starting to happen in South Africa and many other African countries. Talk about war on for your mind! Then there`s the food, the food that makes you sick, that turns you into an obese Paris Hilton fan.

You know, some idiot freak in some idiot article,was going on about censorship in China and how at least in the West we have freedom of speech and human rights and democracy. Yes, we have all those in our truly Big Brother Britain, the most CCTV surveilled nation in the world where even trash cans in the street are monitoring your conversations. And all that unmentionable stuff about there being alternative treatment to chemotherapy for the 1 in 2 suffering from cancer – an illegal act (1939 Cancer Act) to mention or practice the unmentionable. But if you are transgender with purple hair and want to wed your goat – your human rights will be recognized and celebrated and the BBC will probably pay for the wedding.

So from the standpoint of such culture where does it leave a world leader who talks about classical literature and bizarre concepts such as beauty. Xi Jinping wants to crack down on ugliness in China, ugliness in art and literature and architecture. Damien Hurst with his award winning stuffed shark and Tracey Emmet with her award winning condom strewn unmade bed would suffer censorship in China – the horror. Xi Jinping suggests the extraordinary that art is meant for the upliftment of man.And human rights in China means lifting people  out of poverty.

This is China`s evil plan for Africa :


Take these two little guys put them in an amazing school where they develop their genius potential develop their amazing genius ideas and eradicate poverty extremism terrorism and all other bullsh*t that stops African development –  which is in China`s view synchronistic with that of the entire human race or at least the view of this man that I really do like.

Yes, I really do like this manXi_Jinping_October_2013_(cropped)



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