CHEMTRAILS – The Main Threat to Life on Earth

Source: Greg Hunter

Dane Wigington-Chemtrails Killing Environment & Life on Earth  


Published on 2 Aug 2016

High ranking people in the scientific community have also been covering up chemtrails and geoengineering right along with the government for decades. Wigington told one official via email exchange, “The wake up is real, and we have documentation to back up our accusations. Once the public finds out what’s been done to them, they will hold them responsible. Not just the ones who have done these crimes, but people facilitating these crimes by people helping to hide them like Marcia McNutt (President of the National Academy of Sciences). The public, at some point, would hold Nuremberg type trials. We are talking about ecocide and omnicide (extinction of human species). We are talking about a population that has been irreparably damaged by these programs. The heavy metals build up in our system, and they do immense amounts of harm. You can’t fix that, and once the population knows what’s been done to them, people . . . will be held accountable.”

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