Central Banking explained

In this session of Humanity versus Insanity geo-political analyst, Ian R Crane gives us a very easy to understand presentation of how the criminal con of the central banking system works.

What did……….. Libya, Syria, Iraq, Venezuela, Sudan, Cuba and North Korea……..

have in common prior to the last financial crash of 2008?

answer:  none of those countries would abide by the principles of the Central Banking system.

What has happened to those countries since ?

answer: Libya – DESTROYED

Syria – in the process of being DESTROYED


Venezuela – in the process of being destroyed

Sudan – cut in half

Cuba and North Korea have long been targeted as `pariah` states

Are you getting the picture ?

Ian R Crane starts discussing the banking system at 9:22

Source: Ian R Crane

HUMANITY vs INSANITY # 79 : Cestui Que Vie  

Published on 23 Sep 2016

An introduction to the Financial & Legal Frauds being perpetrated upon Humanity.

Few have heard of ‘CESTUI QUE VIE’, yet this is the LEGAL FRAUD perpetrated upon HUMANITY in Courts throughout the World. EVERYONE employed within the Legal Profession is GUILTY of perpetuating the Cestui Que Vie FRAUD … but few of them KNOW it!

Meanwhile, the Alchemical process of creating ‘Money from Nothing’, FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING is the means by which the Ruling Parasites are keeping HUMANITY in ‘Debt Slavery’.
EVERYONE employed within the FINANCIAL Sector is GUILTY of FRAUD … & the vast majority of them KNOW it!

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