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China-Africa cooperation continues to flourish as FOCAC marks 20th anniversary

an important review of the incredible changes that are taking place in African countries that are working in partnership with the Belt and Road Initiative

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Xinhua Headlines: China-Africa cooperation continues to flourish as FOCAC marks 20th anniversary

Source: Xinhua| 2020-10-13 21:10:54|Editor: huaxia
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Rosatom Active in Nuclear Power Development in Africa

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Rosatom Active in Nuclear Power Development in Africa

Sept. 25 (EIRNS)—A new Russian-funded and -controlled nuclear center is being developed in Kigali, Rwanda: “The Center of Nuclear Science and Technologies, planned for completion by 2024, will include nuclear research labs as well as … Read the rest

Instead of Geopolitics: The Principles of Statecraft

“The matters upon which you are deliberating will determine whether or not mankind survives our turbulent times. Around the globe people are in the streets rising up to protest the intolerable injustice of the dying neo-colonial order that has enslaved all of us. It is a deadly monetarist order that … Read the rest

June 27 Conference: Will Humanity Prosper, or Perish? The Future Demands a ‘Four-Power’ Summit Now

Question to Panel III from Joshua Kisubika in Uganda about how to help the youth of Uganda  :

“I was saying that over 700 000 people reach working age every year in Uganda and this is expected to rise to an average of 1 million in the decade from 2030 … Read the rest

TRANSAQUA : Transform Africa

“The [Transaqua] Project is expected to directly bring economic development to 7 African countries and, indirectly, benefits to 5 more countries associated with the Congo and Lake Chad basins……..The consequences of the drying up of Lake Chad and the loss of source of livelihood in the Sahel is affecting human … Read the rest

The Urgent Need to Replace Geopolitics with a New Paradigm in International Relations

Africa can bring a sense of its own interests in its scientific development and a sense also of social harmony and this sense of social harmony in Africa combined with a sense of social harmony of China and what we can bring from the Western countries, including of course Read the rest

Europe’s anti-science plague descends on Africa

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Europe’s anti-science plague descends on Africa

Europe has been paralyzed by faddish, fact-free claims of activist NGOs pushing political agendas. It needs to wake up and see what happens when these anti-scientific doctrines descend on the African continent. The natural, organic world without pesticides or Read the rest

Hunger Stalks Africa: Nations Should be Food Self-Sufficient

Food self-sufficiency, which is a national security priority, in this age of out sized and exaggerated globalization, has worsened in the majority of African nations over the last several decades. Not only does this jeopardize the health and existence of society, but it drains nation’s foreign reserves with mega-food import Read the rest

RPF applied a history textbook in killing Hutus

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RPF applied a history textbook in killing Hutus

What Frantz Fanon says here applies to the attitude of the Rwandan government and all of his most fanatical supporters each time they are confronted with irrefutable evidence of the numerous crimes
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End Threat of Locust Plague: Transform the Desert

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End Threat of Locust Plague: Transform the Desert

February 20, 2020

by Lawrence Freeman

Today the food supply of East Africa is threatened by a locust swarm that is ravaging crops in several nations. The Desert Locust (Schistocerca gregaria) is an … Read the rest