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Tanzania starts testing the Electricity System on the SGR Railway. Trains to begin work in May

Source: African Insider

Tanzania starts testing the Electricity System on the SGR Railway. Trains to begin work in May

13 March 2021

The Tanzania Railways Corporation plans to start testing the standard gauge railway electricity systems over three months, run by four sub-stations along the completed 300 kilometres stretch between Read the rest

Tanzania `s Spectacular Modern Electrified SGR to Rwanda, Burundi and DRC


Why Tanzania is building THE LONGEST SGR RAILWAY IN AFRICA. Tanzania SGR

9 Feb 2021

The Tanzania Standard Gauge Railway is a railway system, under construction, linking the country to the neighboring countries of Rwanda and Uganda, and through these two, to Burundi and the Democratic Read the rest

Africa`s Historic Day : January 1, 2021

Africa`s Historic Day : January 1, 2021

by PD Lawton   6 January 2021

We have to take active steps to dismantle the colonial economic model that we inherited and that we sustained over the last 50 years . We have to stop being exporters of primary products to countries Read the rest

Instead of Geopolitics: The Principles of Statecraft

“The matters upon which you are deliberating will determine whether or not mankind survives our turbulent times. Around the globe people are in the streets rising up to protest the intolerable injustice of the dying neo-colonial order that has enslaved all of us. It is a deadly monetarist order that … Read the rest

June 27 Conference: Will Humanity Prosper, or Perish? The Future Demands a ‘Four-Power’ Summit Now

Question to Panel III from Joshua Kisubika in Uganda about how to help the youth of Uganda  :

“I was saying that over 700 000 people reach working age every year in Uganda and this is expected to rise to an average of 1 million in the decade from 2030 … Read the rest

The Urgent Need to Replace Geopolitics with a New Paradigm in International Relations

Africa can bring a sense of its own interests in its scientific development and a sense also of social harmony and this sense of social harmony in Africa combined with a sense of social harmony of China and what we can bring from the Western countries, including of course Read the rest