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Energy Imperialism ? Pan Africanism and Energy

Dr Kelvin Kemm is an internationally renowned nuclear physicist. He is also our South African hero. For decades he has campaigned, in terms of energy,  for AFRICAN SOLUTIONS TO AFRICAN PROBLEMS. In this interview with Ethiopian media OBN he explains that Africans are having energy policies imposed upon them by … Read the rest

Nuclear Energy for a Greener, More Powerful African Future!

“Nuclear as a green energy source must be taken seriously now!”

Take this opportunity to learn from Princy about energy and the role that nuclear energy must play in addressing Africa`s energy deficit!

Source: Africa4Nuclear

S2E2 Africa4Nuclear: The circular economy

11 Nov 2021

Nuclear for Africa’s Prosperity!


Small modular reactors – designing nuclear energy for African landscapes

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Small modular reactors – designing nuclear energy for African landscapes

Chemical engineer Zak Madela at a portion of the demonstration PBMR fuel production plant at Pelindaba near Pretoria. Image provided.

The use of nuclear energy is a highly controversial topic, with there being as many doubters Read the rest

The Critical Role of Nuclear Energy as a Bridge to a Greener Economy

“Nuclear as a source of energy will play a critical role as a bridge to achieving a green economy in a responsible manner.”

Source: Africa4Nuclear

S2E1 Africa4Nuclear: People and the environment

Nuclear for Africa’s Prosperity!


With COP26 currently underway, Princy looks at the impact of energy … Read the rest

The Majority have Rejected the ANC

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Saturday, 06 November 2021
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The majority have rejected the ANC

Only around a quarter of people eligible to vote chose to cast their votes for the ANC in the recent election. The mass stay away from the polls is a mass … Read the rest

What the Green New Deal Means for South Africa

this article was first published 6 April 2021

ESKOM Management Ushers in the Green New Deal for South Africa

by PD Lawton

André de Ruyter,Group Chief Executive (GCE) of Eskom Holdings, wants to power South Africa with wind and solar. De-carbonizing the economy of this coal rich country is a … Read the rest

Nuclear for Africa’s Prosperity! Living with energy

Source: Africa4Nuclear

S1E4 Africa4Nuclear: Living with energy

29 October 2021

Nuclear for Africa’s Prosperity!


Season 1 comes to an end, but don’t despair, Season 2 premiers next week. In this last episode, Princy explores how South Africans access energy differently depending on their socioeconomic status.

Africa4Nuclear is … Read the rest

South Africa: Human Rights Commission asked to look into post-apartheid forced removal

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Human Rights Commission asked to look into post-apartheid forced removal

255 people live in dire circumstances in “Soweto” in Mthatha after they were forcefully relocated in 2012

| By Mkhuseli Sizani and Hoseya Jubase

Photo of a man climbing out of a hovel

Sandile Mngweba, 61, crawls out

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