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Bill Gates Leads Monied Greenies into ‘Macro Grid Initiative’

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Bill Gates Leads Monied Greenies into ‘Macro Grid Initiative’

July 13 (EIRNS)—An international who’s who of billionaire green investors are attempting to turn President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 recovery into the equivalent of hot air. Led by Bill Gates, his Breakthrough Energy has just … Read the rest

Instead of Geopolitics: The Principles of Statecraft

“The matters upon which you are deliberating will determine whether or not mankind survives our turbulent times. Around the globe people are in the streets rising up to protest the intolerable injustice of the dying neo-colonial order that has enslaved all of us. It is a deadly monetarist order that … Read the rest

Aka Eskom, the Hatchet Team at Work on SAA

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Response by Dudu Myeni to Mail & Guardian article of 17 April 2020

May 17 , 2020

Dear Editor,

Your article titled “Without a clear plan, SAA stood no chance’ published on 17 April 2020, was very poorly researched and hollow in its’ articulation of … Read the rest

Jacob Zuma’s sin

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Jacob Zuma’s sin

By Andile Mngxitama

Jacob Zuma was considered okay in so long as he didn’t touch the economy and land. When he decided “fuck it I’m going for the land and economy”, the whole shit started.

The owners of the economy started a … Read the rest


How do we as the ANC justify using public funds to build and sustain a private energy sector and private sector controlled by banks and foreign companies that maximize their profits which ultimately go outside of the country?

From: Phapano Phasha, ANC Member in Good Standing

To: The Office of … Read the rest

Stop Loadsheding #PravinMustGoNow Petition: response to questions

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Stop Loadsheding #PravinMustGoNow Petition: response to questions

Stop Loadsheding #PravinMustGoNow Petition: response to questionsPravin Gordhan. Image credit: Netwerk24

Many people have asked questions about the petition launched by Black First Land First (BLF) on Monday 13 January to get

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Eskom: Poverty not Pollution is the Biggest Killer

Eskom: Poverty not Pollution is the Biggest Killer

Destroying South Africa`s industrial capacity is the name of the game that is being thrown at Eskom. Since the character assassination of former president Jacob Zuma both the ANC and Eskom are under attack which is because of South Africa`s role in … Read the rest