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SOUTH AFRICA -New British High Commissioner Leads Regime Change Effort


You Are Warned!

New British High Commissioner Leads Regime Change Effort

by Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane

22 June 2017

As the leader of the LaRouche movement in South Africa and as a patriot, I issue the following warning: Beware Perfidious Albion! The Brits have deployed a specialist … Read the rest

LaRouche: The British Empire Uses War and Money to Control Nations

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LaRouche: The British Empire Uses War and Money to Control Nations

With the sudden increase of tension between the United States and Russia in Syria , and the looming NYC infrastructure crisis about to wreak chaos in July, it’s time to remember the wise words … Read the rest

Who Owns Israel’s Banks?

Israel and Zionism are both constructs of the City of London otherwise known as the British Empire.

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Who Owns Israel’s Banks?

Who Owns Israel’s Banks?

(Excerpted from Chapter 13: USS Persian Gulf: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

The Carrot and

Read the rest

Cape Town, South Africa – Getting the Poor out of Sight

I don`t mean to make political capital on these people`s plight but just wish to point out that the Democratic Alliance (squeaky clean political party that is GLOBALIST/BANKER/ BILLIONAIRE/ ANGLO/DEBEERS  funded has recently spent BILLIONS of Rands making Cape Town city centre spotless and perfect while not many kilometres away … Read the rest


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Stop massacre, exploitation and oppression in DR Congo

On 15th of April 2017 the CONGOLESE SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN conducted a panel discussion on how to build social cohesion and national identity among the ethnic groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In order to survive in the short and … Read the rest