20 juillet 2015


I would like to start this article by first apologising to devoted Ikaze Iwacu readers who include criminal Paul Kagame, about my delays in posting the second part of the article. I was in criminal Paul Kagame’s hot spots, where posting was impossible, unless you want to play martyrdom. 

Gen Niyombare's soldiers captured in Kayanza

After gaining the territory of Manchuria, Chairman Mao told the Communist Party of China troops that, “war is not about playing martyrdom, it’s about survival, being smart, beating the enemies in their own game and being able to witness liberation victories.” We are fighting the dark forces of evil that are bound to exterminate all those who have liberal ideas and ideas which are parallel to theirs.

To them, even attacking a single person, they will come in pair of four and well armed; the regular minimum number of a DMI hit squad is four for a single person attack. DMI thugs can never attack anyone, on « one to one », they fear hand to hand combats, the only time they will attack as a single individual, it is under the disguise of befriending the person they want to assassinate thus using poison in their assassination.

When you read opinions, excuses and denials from both Paul Kagame and Peter Nkurunziza’s apologists; one reaches to a conclusion that the biggest challenge facing these dictators does not emanate from opposition parties, but incompetency of sycophants who surround them. These sycophants will sing praises to their criminal masters; advocate their ill deeds, while castigating those who are trying to challenge the status quo.

Dear Ikaze Iwacu readers, under human right principles, individuals are entitled to their opinions, for the RPF sycophants who advise me to respect the office of the president; my answer to them, is that Rwanda has no constitutional president, but a thug who captured power through a coup d’état, rigged elections, suffocated democracy, assassination of liberal minds, incarceration of Rwandans, kidnapping of citizens, encouraged nepotism, a pure narcissist and on 14th/08/2015 anointing himself as a full fringed UMWEGA KING from the Rwakagara linage.

After the first article, I promised to look and analyse in details at how the 13th May 2015 Coup d’état unveiled in Burundi, where Burundi’s naive ruler out played and out manoeuvred Rwanda’s mad king. Since 1990s, Rwandans especially the Hutus have always questioned every intentions of President Yoweri Museni, in 1994 after the assassination of Juvenali Habyarimana the trust between the Hutu community and president Museveni slopped to the lowest level.

What Ikaze Iwacu readers ought to understand is that, there is no permanent enemy or friends in politics, politics is about interests and securing of power, the rest is mere vuvuzela used by politicians to gain power. The friendship between Peter Nkurunziza and Yoweri Museveni is real, otherwise from the 13th May 2015, Kagame and his proxies would now be in control of Burundi. But Nkurunziza should also remember the tactic of « BAD COP AND GOOD COP ».

The Intelligence gathering by Tanzanian operatives

Since 2013, when Paul Kagame publicly promised and architected to assassinate President Jakaya Kikwete; the Tanzanian military intelligence services allocated experienced intelligence operatives in Kampala- Uganda, Goma-Congo and Bujumbura-Burundi. When the Force Intervention Brigade deployed in Eastern Congo to engage the M23 rebels, the Tanzanian Military intelligence had established a control centre in Bujumbura to counter Rwanda’s unprofessional DMI thugs.

Nkurunziza ahura na Kagame i Butare.

On 26th April 2015 when Peter Nkurunziza was declared the flag bearer by CNDD-FDD in the forth coming presidential elections, for months, the Tanzanian military intelligence operatives were seeing an influx of Rwandan operatives who were constantly visiting Burundi and others settling in the Country. It was upon concrete evidence of the Tanzanian military intelligence services based in Burundi that Antoine Masozera, a Rwandan national and CEO of ECONET in Burundi was expelled and deported from the country on the 9th May 2015 under the charges of espionage and supporting a hostile country, in this case, Rwanda.

By the time Antoine Masozera was deported from Burundi, Tanzanian intelligence services had intercepted all Rwanda’s intelligence coup plans and blue prints against Peter Nkurunziza. In the blue print, there was an imminent coup d’état against Nkurunziza and this was heavily supported by all heads of Burundian security organs, that is Potien Gaciyubwenge, Prime Niyongabo and Nizigama Gabriel, that is the minister of defence, Chief of armed forces and inspector general of police respectively.

Very reliable sources within Burundian intelligence services have confined to Ikaze Iwacu that, “after receiving concrete evidence from multiple intelligence sources, Peter Nkurunziza in the presence of Uganda’s ambassador to Burundi called Museveni, where Nkurunziza briefed the Ugandan president about Kagame’s plans to overthrow him at the time when he was out of the country attending the EAC’s special summit on Burundi. Peter Nkurunziza informed Museveni that he will not be attending the summit in Dar salaam due to internal insecurity engulfing his country at the hand of Paul Kagame.”

General Potien Gaciyubwenge eats big while General Prime Niyongabo and General Nizigama Gabriel remain loyal

On the 8th May 2015 at St. Gallen Symposium in Switzerland, when addressing students, criminal Paul Kagame crossed diplomatic etiquette, verbally diabolising Peter Nkurunziza as a failure, a person clinging on power despite being disliked by the public and a person who has achieved nothing for Burundians.

By this time, death merchant Jack Nziza had already briefed his criminal boss that their plan to overthrow Peter Nkurunziza was ready, it was just a matter of days before their evil plan comes into play. Little did criminal Paul Kagame and his deviant intelligence services know that Peter Nkurunziza was 100% aware of their evil plan, and he was quietly planning for a counter measure with the help of President Jakaya Kikwete and Yoweri Museveni.

After the initial telephone conversation with Museveni, president Nkuruniza was advised by both Museveni and Kikwete to play along, but to firstly confront his senior officers who are in the coup d’état plan. Very reliable sources within Burundi’s intelligence services indicate that, on the 5th May 2015, there was a high level meeting between Peter Nkurunziza, the above top generals, the Tanzanian, South African and Ugandan ambassadors to Burundi. In this meeting all the above generals accepted in one way or another, for having being contacted by Rwanda’s intelligence services and emissaries from Hussein Radjab.

There was a heated discussion were all these generals blamed Peter Nkurunziza for failing to reign in on Gen. Adolphe Nshimirimana, a person who undermines their work. It was during this meeting where General Potien Gaciyubwenge informed his boss that he is unwilling to continue working with him while the other generals in the meeting pledged an allegiance and support to Nkurunziza. The ambassadors of Tanzania and Uganda reminded these generals about their actions and consequences.

General Potien Gaciyubwenge was asked to continue playing along with other coup plotters, according to our very reliable source within Burundi’s intelligence services, who is conversant with the dealings and details of this meeting; General Potien Gaciyubwenge was promised 2.5 million dollars, exit from the country for him, his whole family including his house boys and girls.

As he did not want to stay in Burundi or take any other post after the Coup failure; the general wanted 5 million dollars, giving reasons of employment wage loss, assets loss, pension loss and the credibility for betraying colleagues. But after intensive negation he settled for 2.5 million dollars.

The mad king becomes a Joke

On the 13th May 2015, Rwanda’s excited mad king arrived in Dar Salaam not for a summit, but to look at Peter Nkurunziza’s face as information about the coup d’état trickles to him. As the summit started at 10:00 AM, information of the Coup d’état in Burundi started filtering the conference room, with different aids briefing their respective presidents about the news coming from Burundi.

The summit continued as normal, Peter Nkurunziza looking unshaken by all the news coming from Burundi. Little did Rwanda’s mad king know that Peter Nkurunziza, Jakaya Kikwete, Kaguta Museveni and Jacob Zuma had foiled his evil plan, and what was happening in Burundi was a security swoop to identify Kagame’s network and all pro-Rwanda elements within the security services.

Gen Godefroid Niyombare

During the summit lunch break, Paul Kagame decided to approach the chair-President Kikwete to inform him that he was returning back to Rwanda, as he sees no reason of continuing the summit with all the news of the Coup d’état coming from Burundi. Rwanda’s criminal ruler left the summit before the final communiqué was drafted and read. Criminal Paul Kagame was rushing to celebrate his Burundi success and strategise on his next political and military moves in the region.

On the 14th May 2015, that is when criminal Paul Kagame started getting information from Burundi that Gen. Godefroid Niyombare is being refused to address the public using the National Radio and Television (RTNB). On 13th May 2015, Troops loyal to Potien Gaciyubwenge and Prime Niyongabo moved quickly to secure the airport and the national communication installations, while assuring Godefroid Niyombare that he can use the national Television and the radio at any time he wishes.

While troops loyal to Godefroid Niyombare concentrated in securing ministerial buildings, consolidating power and hunting /searching for Gen. Adolphe Nshimirimana, Gen. Ndirakobuca Gervais, Gen. Allain Guillaume Bunyoni and Col. Gahungu Bertin.

By evening of the 14th May 2015, criminal Paul Kagame who was receiving regular updates from Jack Nziza, was now sure that the heads of security organs in Burundi i.e General Potien Gaciyubwenge, General Prime Niyongabo and General Nizigama Gabriel had all changed their minds and stuck with Peter Nkurunziza. On this day, criminal Paul Kagame met commanders and Burundians political leaders residing in Rwanda that included Jack Nziza, James Kabarebe, Hussein Radjabu and Fred Ibingira who had been airlifted  from Cyangugu for this particular meeting.

The meeting discussed on the trip which Peter Nkurunziza was doing in Kampala from Dar Salaam, On this same day of 14th May 2015, Peter Nkurunziza had travelled to Kampala to meet Museveni, this raised suspicion within Rwanda’s intelligence in particular Paul Kagame, as they wondered why he is travelling to Kampala, yet both had met the previous day in Dar salaam.

The meeting revised on the possibility of sending special force units mixed with Burundian elements that have just been trained in Rwanda, to reinforce Godefroid Niyombare’s forces. The meeting ended without a single concrete conclusion, with Paul Kagame insulting and spitting at James Kabere, for his failures and incompetencies.

In Paul Kagame’s words to James Kabarebe, “you’re also a general and the minister of defence? You have failed to organise a coup d’état in a disorganised country like Burundi, with a divided army. How can you justify to Rwandans that we have the capability of defeating an organised country like Tanzania?” 

LT Col Matungo

Paul Kagame threw all the bad work on James Kabarebe’s back, the day after on the 15th May 2015, General Fred Ibingira gave attacking orders to Lt Col. Matungo, the orders that were receded by James Kabarebe, instead he ordered their Burundian proxies to withdrew and start a new protected guerrilla war.

On the 15th May 2015, President Nkurunziza travelled from Kampala aboard an MI 24 attacking helicopter convoys, using the Tanzanian airspace were these Ugandan helicopters received air support and gunship escorts from the Tanzanian air defence, thus escorting Nkurunziza up to Muyinga – Burundi. Dear Ikaze Iwacu readers, the geopolitics is changing.

Nkurunziza sees Museveni as his savior. Her Museveni came to Bujumbura as a mediator.

On the 14th July 2015, this was manifested in Ngozi, where CNDD-FDD supporters gave Museveni a hero’s welcome. The government of Burundi welcomed the appointment of Museveni as the mediator, while Kagame’s proxies refused and rebuked his appointment.

After his trip to Burundi, on his return to Uganda through Rwanda, criminal Paul Kagame categorically refused to meet Museveni. Ikaze Iwacu readers ought to know that, it was on the advice of Uganda’s ambassador to Burundi, Maj Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza that Museveni decided to travel to Burundi by road. Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza who is an experienced military strategist had received patterns of information about the activities of Rwanda’s DMI in Bujumbura of which he passed to Museveni.

Knowing the mind behind Rwanda’s ruler, who is capable of assassinating Museveni in Burundian territory and then, shifts and moves the assassination crime blame to Peter Nkurunziza; It was on this background that road travel was preferred as a safer alternative. THE WAR GAME STILL GOES ON!!


In my next article, I will be looking and analysing at Uganda’s chemical Ali, General Kale Kayihura, Jack Nziza’s cousin. An evil man and assassin, who has played a bigger role in kidnapping and deporting innocent Rwandans to their deaths in Rwanda, the facilitator of Rwanda’s DMI operations in Uganda, a Rwandan agent who is under the payroll of criminal Paul Kagame and an individual who sells Uganda’s state secrets to Rwanda’s DMI.


By our Correspondent


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