On July 18 a British tabloid published a photograph from the 1930s of the Windsor Royals and a young Elizabeth performing a Heil Hitler salute. This image has gone viral and it and the attending historical facts of the Windsor family connections to the Nazis and their supremacist ideologies has re-started a debate of what and who  exactly are behind the  policies of the world we live in where war, extremism and austerity prevail. As stated by the renowned American economist and statesman, Lyndon LaRouche who has long campaigned against the monetary empire of the City of London :

“The Monarchy’s unabashed commitment to Nazi depopulation policies, their open promotion of wiping out six-sevenths of the human race, and the attendant policy of provoking global thermonuclear war, is too much for many people, who are now mustering and making their views felt.”


The Windsor family performing a Heil Hitler salute, published by The Sun 18 July 2015.

The Irish writer Finian Cunningham concluded from this photo that , “Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s fascist salute as a young princess is not just a sign of historical times in the distant past. It is a sign of the present times where fascism is the ideology lurking behind the facade of Western democracy.”

Recently Europe has seen the handiwork of  financial fascism in the further austerity measures placed upon the Greek people being blackmailed to pay for the crimes of the banks. And in the Ukraine a Nazi inspired regime is committing horrors on its citizens while the media propoganda spins a line of democracy for the Ukraine.

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