19 octobre 2015

25 years of bloodshed have gone now, since Paul Kagame started to exterminate Rwandans. From 1990 until today, the said President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame did nothing else than killing Rwandans and other citizens of the neighbouring countries, where the records of his bloodshed go beyond 8 million today.

wanted kagameThe victims of these killings and the human right organizations have been so many times reporting these bloodsheds of Kagame; which are still going on, to the International communities so that they may help to bring justice to these people but nothing was done until today. However Rwandans can be abandoned, we will never stop to tell the world that what is happening is wrong; we will never cease to cry for Rwandans who are dying; we will never cease to remind that General Paul Kagame; who captured Rwandans in hostage, is nothing else but a killer, a mafia, an murderer responsible for the assassin of Fred Rwigema, Bayingana, Bunyenyezi, Adam Waswa, and so many RPF commanders in 1990.

He is responsible for the extermination of thousands of Hutu civilians in the North of the country from 1990-1993. Paul Kagame is responsible for grenades attacks which cost lives of thousands of people in 1993 all over the country, notably in the Nyabugogo bus-stop, Remera-Rukoma Secondary School etc. On 6th April 1994 around 8PM, Kagame voluntarily violated the Arusha Peace Accords of 1993; which aimed the share of power and cessation of the war he had started, by ordering the shot of President Habyarimana’s plane while landing to Kanombe International Airport.

Therefore, he triggered the extermination of more than one million Tutsi civilian who had opposed his opinion of war because they had remarked peace restoration through negotiations. Habyarimana had accepted the absolute share of power, and this is what Tutsi inside the country needed. But we can remind that all Kagame needed was, Rwanda through Westerners, and Westerners needed Congo through him. So this might only be achieved by war. That is why Kagame and the Westerners did and should not allow any rescue or cease-fire actions which seemed to challenge their war victory. So he let the people of his tribe killed by Hutu militias, while he was busy conquering empty mountains.

Between 7th April 1994 and September 1996, Kagame led exterminations of thousands of Hutu civilians all over the country, where the bodies were burnt, fill in big trucks and thrown in Kagera River. Among these killings we can remind the one occurred in Kibeho internally displaced people in South-West of the country; on 22nd April 1995 which cost lives of more than four-thousand Hutu civilians. Between 18th October 1996 and May 1997 Paul Kagame attacked the Hutu refugee camps in Democratic Republic of Congo, and killed more than five hundred thousand Hutu refugees.

From June 1997- September 1998 Kagame used battalions of soldiers, Tanks and helicopters to exterminate more than two hundred thousand Hutu civilians in Nkuli, Mukingo, Kinigi, Cyabingo, and Nyamutera districts in the North-West of Rwanda notably; the attack of 23rd October 1997 in Kinigi where the evidences are still remarkable until today. In 1998 Kagame killed the legislator and former intelligence Chief, Theoneste Lizinde in Nairobi. On 16th May 1998 Kagame killed Mr Seth Sendashonga, the former minister of interior in his government who had fled the country to Kenya. Between 1998 and 14th November 2013 Kagame killed more than 8million Congolese and Rwandans in Congo including President Laurent Desire Kabila.

We would like to remind that this international criminal, Kagame owns the world record of killing four Presidents notably Melchior Ndadaye of Burundi in 1993, Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprian Ntaryamira of Burundi on 6th April 1994, and Laurent Desire Kabila of DRC on 16th January 2001. Inside Rwanda, killing people for Kagame has become like a morning tea, where his killing machines notably Gen. Jack Nziza and Emmanuel Ndahiro, have to report daily those who must die the following day.

The said Rwandans Beloved President Paul Kagame killed Brig. Gen Dan Gapfizi who carried his heaviest secrets on 25 June 2013. Only 3 months later, on 25th September 2013, Kagame killed Asiel Kabera who used to be his advisor. On 4th May 2015 Kagame killed his own Doctor Mr Gasakure who took care of his life for 14 years since 2001. The same Kagame is killing the greatest Rwandan investors who refused his robbery.

He recently on 14th March 2015 killed the investor Rwigara Assinapol and started to demolish his hotel in Kigali. The same Kagame confiscated the properties of the greatest investor in Rwanda Mr Rujugiro Tribert the owner of Union Trade Center in Kigali, who immediately decided to flee the country. Kagame confiscated again the properties of Mr Sisi Evaliste who also decided to save his life by fleeing the country.

Not only these two men but also so many others; Kagame killed Col. Patrick Karegeya, the ex-chief of intelligence who had fled the country to South Africa, Kagame attempted four times to kill Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa the ex-chief of the staff who is also a refugee under protection in South Africa. Bodies of Rwandans are floating over the rivers and lakes of Rwanda.

Thousands of innocent people and those who tried to call for rescue are dying in his awful prisons all over the country, notably Mss Ingabire Victiore, Deo Mushiadi, Me Ntakirutinka, the artist Kizito Mihigo and so many others. Kagame is conducting robberies of all kind; he is forcibly stealing the Rwandans poor people by taking their last little survivals through his funds called AGACIRO where every Rwandan must obligatory pay insignificant amount of money. Where goes this money, in his pockets. Rwandans are dying of famine, students in colleges and universities have no food at all.

Kagame AKA the real Hitler has forcibly taken everything from the people. He is the owner of the only three companies of transport operating in Kigali notably; Royal Express, KBS, and RFTC, he owns all local construction companies notably; Fair Construction Company, Horizon, COTRACO, Real Construction etc.;. He forcibly took all the tea and coffee plantation areas in the country, which were the basic economic resources to many Rwandans. he is the owner or shareholder of every, factory, telecommunication company, hotel, filling station, supermarket, coffee shop, and all other investments operating in the country; and that is the only one condition for all investors to work in Rwanda.

Now Rwandans are classified in four groups according to their life situation. The first class is composed by the inside prisoners who are as we said before, in awful Prisons of Kagame all over the country. The second class is composed by the outside hostages or more than 70% of the population who are Kagame’s slaves. This people have nothing to do than waiting for Kagame’s sword of every day; they can absolutely do nothing because they are surrounded day and night by the armed soldiers.

In Rwanda manifestos are strictly not allowed so Rwandans have nothing to do to express their grief than keeping silence and this is what it takes to live in Rwanda. The third class is composed by Rwandans, who succeeded to escape the devil, by fleeing Rwanda toward different countries all over the world. This people are refugees and asylum seekers who are trying to call for rescue for their Country. The fourth and last class is composed by armed assassins led by Paul Kagame who are responsible for all crimes stated here.

Kagame is responsible for peace destabilization of the great lakes region; he created and led the bandit troop of M23 which killed Congolese and stolen their natural resources. He held Antagonistic and abusive speeches to Mr Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, President of the United Republic of Tanzania where he openly said that he would wait for him at the right time and hit him.

These aggressive words caused a very violent situation to the Rwandans living in Tanzania, especially those in Kagera region who were forcibly repatriated by this government after losing all their properties. On 13th May 2015 Paul Kagame launched a coup attempt to overthrow the government of Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi which fortunately failed. Paul Kagame has delegations of armed assassins in all his Embassies responsible for different killings and insecurity actions.

We would like to remind that recently, the government of Burundi decided to cease its diplomatic relations, after discovering a stock of guns which aimed the insecurity actions, notably 17AK47,3 RPG and uncountable grenades, in the house of Mr Desire Nyaruhirira, a Rwandan Diplomate in the Embassy of Rwanda in Burundi. This criminal was given 24hours to leave the Burundian territory. By consequence, Rwandans who had their business in Burundi were forced to leave. Paul Kagame who captured Rwandans in hostage is the real symbol of bloodshed that the world has ever known.

He is worst criminal that the world closed eyes for. Rwandans need an outside help to liberate themselves, because in Rwanda, Kagame captured all institutions. He uses the army, Police and intelligence services to kill the citizens. It is so ridicules and luck of wisdom that an assassin like Kagame writes letters to himself asking himself whether he can take another 7years term to continue killing Rwandans. Who is he asking? None has ever elected him before and if he thinks he can continue to dictate Rwandans through his scenarios of elections, he can try.

Rwandans leave in fear waiting to die today or tomorrow because they are exposed to the professional killers who have no mercy to them. To Rwandans, Kagame is a tragedy; as we mentioned before, for 25 good years Kagame did nothing else to Rwandans than killing them. He used and still using the Rwandan fortunes and international donations to exterminate us. How can a loving people President dare to use more than one million US dollars equivalent to almost one billion Rwandan francs to kill Col. Patrick Karegeya and Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa; who fled his bloodshed to South Africa instead of using this amount to save Rwandans who are dying of hunger. Where does this money come from? It comes from the international donations. If nations and international communities sponsors of Rwanda, think that they are helping Rwanda through Kagame’s government, the answer is no.

Giving any fund to Kagame’s government is a great contribution to the ongoing bloodshed and tragedy that Rwandans are going through today. This government uses all the funds to kill its own people, not to save them. The evidence of this expensive bloodshed of Kagame was so many times reported by different people including Mr Robert Higiro, whose payment was 1million$, to kill Col. Patrick Karegeya and Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa in South Africa. This man testified with excellent evidence to the US congress and this means that the US government is aware of this bloodshed, the UN peace and Security Council knows it, the ICC knows it, President Obama knows it, and Ban Ki Moon knows it as well.

The question is, why is the International Criminal Court closing eyes for this? Is Kagame above the law? When any rich country in natural resources knows small conflicts, we always see Drones flying over its territory, but for poor countries like Rwanda, only apologetic speeches will be held by the heads of great Nations or UN representatives to say sorry to have saved none after tragedies.

This is what we real know about UN, this is what we know about international Peace and Security keepers; because he was from the USA, when Kagame attacked Rwanda to destroy its harmony in 1990. The mentioned peace keepers closed their eyes for what happened during four years which followed. The same Kagame was from the USA, when he attacked Congo to exterminate Hutu Refugees, on 18th October 1996; for this horrible tragedy, the world closed eyes again.

It is only when Kagame created a troop of bandits of M23 toward the Westerners mines of Congo; that we saw for the first time, Drones flying over our region. Here arise so many questions which supposed to be explained. It is indeed not necessary for Ban Ki Moon to come to Rwanda to apologize for the second time to the real victims of Kagame’s bloodshed to have done nothing, while he can do something today. Rwandans were extremely wounded for 25 years now; they are extremely tired, if freedom democracy, justice, and peace cost something, Rwandans are ready to pay for them. It is time for the world, to understand that Rwandans who are dying need a quick and real liberation from the bloody hands of Kagame.

Fellows Rwandans, the blood’s voice of ours has arrived to God from the ground. Fellows Rwandans cease to cry freedom is coming tomorrow.


Written by

Robert Mutabazi


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