To understand why the BRICS is a different and new banking dynamic, you need to identify and understand the nature of Empire in Africa. The corporate-owned mouthpiece of Empire,the media, will not have told you that colonialism/neo-colonialism in Africa is finally ending.
Colonialism did not end in the 1960s, it just mutated into an invisible/hidden form of control that involved keeping Africa as a raw materials market of an unindustrialized and undeveloped continent for the copper, oil and diamond lords that have operated a corporate empire from the City of London. They own the big banks like HSBC, Bank of England and Federal Reserve of America. Through these banks and their initiatives of the IMF and World Bank they have managed by trickery and corruption to enslave by debt nearly every nation on the planet.
Key to the power, riches and success of this empire are minerals. The situation in the most mineral-rich region on Earth is testament to the ruthless and satanic nature of the corporations that form Empire. The blood bath that has soaked the countries in the heart of Africa, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and critically the DR Congo; has been orchestrated by these corporations to buy into power their chosen clients and to buy time in a sea of instability and chaos, in which to rape and pillage for maximum profit the mineral resources of the Congolese nation. This corporate presence is a heart of darkness, the likes of which Humanity has never seen before. This empire has been at work across the continent. It has murdered by war and poverty, millions. It has orchestrated war in Sudan, Mali, Somalia, Central African Republic, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda and the mother of all wars and the genocide of all genocides– the DR Congo.
War has claimed millions of lives in Africa but poverty claims thousands of lives every day. Poverty feeds discontent, desperation, terrorism, extremism and war. Poverty feeds disease and the root cause of all disease – malnutrition. Poverty feeds chaos and instability. Which is why infrastructure, energy production and factories have been until recently continentally lacking. The cocoa farmers of Cote D`Ivoire have been producing cocoa beans for the past 50 years to supply the raw material to the confectionary cartels like Cadburys, based in the West. Chocolate is an unaffordable luxury to most Ivorians. It is only this year that has seen the first chocolate producing factory open in Cote D`Ivoire. Rubber sap from Liberia has formed and fed one of the most successful American corporations , Firestone, for over a century. The uranium that belongs to Niger powers the nuclear facilities of Europe and yet today on the streets of Niamey, children beg for food. The rare-Earth metals of the DR Congo have fed the digital revolution in technology. Microsoft would not exist if it were not for Congolese coltan .The Congolese are officially the poorest nation in the world while Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft,  is richer than 90% of the countries in the world.
This empire and its dark-hearted controllers has not just been pillaging resources to fatten itself, it has been suppressing the industrialization and development in the Third World countries and keeping poverty alive. It has also been suppressing the development of new technologies that are not based on oil. Well over a century ago a Greek man called Nicholas Tesla invented a system of conducting electricity using the electromagnetic properties of the Earth. This invention of astonishing genius did not require copper cables. The copper barons of then who are still the copper barons of today, present in poor Zambia but extraordinarily rich in Switzerland, HQ of Glencore, saw to it that Tesla`s invention and the man himself were destroyed. Empire’s academic gate-keepers have not only been at work within science and technology, suppressing new inventions. These academic gate-keepers have been promulgating a false identity based on a false history of the African people. In order to present European colonization of Africa in a favorable light and as the bearers of civilization; it was necessary for Empire`s academia to paint a picture of an African heathen , uncivilized savage. So ingrained has this image of Africa before colonization become , that the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy commented recently before an African audience in Senegal – that Africa`s problem was it had not fully entered into history. For the historians of universities like Oxford and Yale the founders of the ancient Egyptian civilization were anything but Black, even though Egypt is in Africa and as far as we know, always has been. The oldest mathematical instrument for calculation is called the Ishango Bone and it is from the Congo. The cesarean procedure was routinely and successfully being conducted by Bugandan physicians in Uganda long before European physicians copied their transverse incision technique. Such examples of African history blow the lid off the academic gate-keepers false stories.
This is the nature of this empire, an empire which began in the 1600s with the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England. This period in time gave birth to the first corporations that would represent the seat of power, the Crown. The Crown granted these corporations the moral and legal authority to do as they will as long as they turn a profit. These Crown corporations from England, Holland, Spain, Belgium and Portugal set out across the seas and began destroying everything on the path to profit. They murdered the people who lived in Australia, the Aboriginals, they decimated and destroyed the people who lived in the Americas, they fought and enslaved the kingdoms of Africa, they reduced the Chinese people to opium addicts, destroyed a magnificent culture and wreaked havoc in India, dividing the Indian peoples and culture. The nature of Empire`s corporations has not changed since the days of Cecil Rhodes` British South Africa Company, The Dutch East India Company, the British East India Company etc. It`s only the names that have changed to Rio Tinto, Banro, Glencore Xstrata, Anglo American and DeBeers etc. These modern day versions coerce America to destroy the Iraqi nation, to destroy Gadhafi and what was once our African treasure and hope for the future – Libya. These modern day versions bring man made diseases like Ebola to blackmail the governments of countries like Guinea that has the largest deposit of the highest grade iron ore on Earth for Rio Tinto and where the population live mostly on less than £1 a day. We are currently witness to mass suicide among Africans who would rather drown in the Mediterranean than bear another day of abject futureless hopeless poverty. The migrant crisis can only be seen as the culmination and success of Henry Kissinger’s NSSM200 population reduction policy.Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea have since the Ebola outbreak , been saddled with a further debt from the IMF.If the World Bank and IMF policy had been one of development instead of diamond,iron ore, bauxite and rubber pillage, there never would have been an outbreak of Ebola.
Empire`s Poverty Policy is official. It has a name and a number and is called NSSM200. Poverty is the hidden method of population reduction. Depopulating the world will make it easier to control and will keep the big eaters of Empire`s puppets, elite and bureaucracy in the style to which they have become accustomed.NSSM200 is made appealing to a brainwashed public by such charities and foundations as Planned Parenthood and Greenpeace. Such organizations teach us to think that mankind is the scourge of the Earth, that people are responsible for poverty and starvation because we `breed` and that the destruction of the environment has been caused by our pollution. When in fact, healthy high-tech technologies have been suppressed by the oil barons and diamond lords of Empire. A single oak tree can produce a million acorns. This is the real nature of this planet, unbelievable abundance and plenty. The only scarcity that exists is meanness of heart. The greatest value of this Earth is the human being with all our creativity in the arts, music, sciences and spiritual and intellectual evolution. Only the human being holds the key to the perfection of this Universal system in which we live and it is only through agape, through respect, compassion and love for one another that we will achieve profound solutions. If we continue to allow the British philosophy of Darwin to infect our economic, scientific and human philosophies we will continue to remain separated and compartmentalized, subjects of a feeding order of higher and lower species, divisions of Tutsis and Hutus ,  part of a mechanical instead of sentient cosmos. Science is now being forced to admit that we are not just observers to this world but that our presence and intention affects the behavior of an invisible atom of matter.
The New World Order will come about if the majority of people continue to choose to remain ignorant to what is happening in their world.Empire has been psychologically programming us to believe in false paradigms, of communism versus capitalism, of Cold Wars, of Wars on Terror, of religious wars of extremists, of Black versus White of rich versus poor, paradigms of opposing opposites. Empire`s pharmaceutical corporations that were founded by the Rockefeller oil barons of America have brainwashed an entire medical profession to deny that nutrition has any impact on our health. Such a concept is against all logic and reason. These same medical professionals push a vaccine industry that leaves unwanted ethnic groups sterile and incubates in all of us, disease that will result in the later need for medical treatment. Corporate media is threatened or paid to lie to us.New technologies in our world are designed deliberately to interfere with the human body`s electromagnetic system which is operated by our hearts.Genetically modified food, chemtrails and the use of nanotechnologies are all contributing to a dysfunctional human race,sick in mind, sick in body and sick in heart. It is a hidden technique of suppression and control over the masses by an elite.
For the few to rule the many is a Darwinian concept.The G7 represent a mere 10% of the global population and yet it is institutions like these that decide our living standards.Just who are they to prescribe our politics in a so-called democracy. The G7 are promoting along with the Pope a global de-carbonization program.Under new regulatory bureaucracies , industry and the individual will be taxed on carbon output.We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.It is part of the G7 illogical logic that to reduce carbon emissions, the global population must be reduced. They teach children in Britain that the world is warming because of greenhouse gases and that methane from farting cattle is contributing to this. Less than 150 years ago the herds of wildebeest and zebra that lived in the African plains were so numerous that they would take 3 days for animals at running speed to pass a certain point. One volcanic eruption produces an estimated 500 years worth of automobile emissions. But they want you to believe farting cows are killing the planet. There is no logic to the climate change debate and there is also no scientific data taken from terrestrial readings that support the overall warming of the Earth. In fact there has been little change in temperature for the last 18 years. The climate changes naturally. Before the Medieval cool period Danish settlers were dairy farming in Greenland.The Austrian glaciers began melting in the 1800s, well before the advent of motor-cars.The Sahara was once green and lush as was the Taklamakan Desert in China.It was not the ancient Egyptians or the Silk Road travelers, 2000 years ago, that turned these areas arid.What the G7 want is to stop development and industrialization.This will mean of course that the elite will stay rich and the poor will stay poor and we will be forced to live in a world of scarcity where every human breath is a crime against the environment. Eradicating poverty by population reduction is a satanic and imperialist concept.In fact it is a crime against humanity.
What is a human rights record? Letting same-sex couples raise children, is that a top human right? Or is a top human right, the right to land, a home, an income, a future- the eradication of dire poverty? China is accused by the West of poor human rights. In the last few decades China has lifted from poverty 800 million of its citizens. What would inspire a government to help the people from poverty, certainly not a Darwinian philosophy that only the fittest survive.
China`s religion which is not a religion but a philosophy has as its basic tenement that MAN IS GOOD. Confucianism places immeasurable value on the human being.And that sorting the household/society, we must first educate our own truths, find our own centers after that our relationships can be healed, after that our households can be healed, after that our society can be healed, after that our world can be healed. But the pivotal point of a healthy world is a healthy minded individual.For people who say that China is about to take over the world and turn it all communist, where is the communism in the philosophy of Confucius? Confucianism maintains that man is essentially good, that good holds beauty and beauty is derived from reason. Reason is Truth.And the Truth is our human quest, be it in solving the issues of society or the ability to travel into the Cosmos.Our purpose on Earth is to elevate the human soul. Drudgery and oppression are ugly. Beauty is in harmony and beauty is freedom and both are determined not from outside forces but from within.
Our world under Empire, under the Trans-Atlantic alliance of America and Britain, under NATO,  has one objective and that is the maintenance of power.Its actions of late, not to mention the barbarity of the slave trade and the World Wars of the last century,prove that it does not value human life be that life Iraqi or Libyan or Syrian.
So who owns BRICS? Nobody.There are no private investors, no members of the Rothschild family, no George Soros, no hidden hand. BRICS is based on mutual respect with no veto allocated to any member.Its purpose is the well being of flourishing populations. It is not a competitive bank based on derivatives and at the hands of gamblers like the highstreet banks of America, Britain and Europe.It is an end to geo political games and closed economic systems that can only perpetuate debt and poverty.
The countries that constitute BRICS are calling for a new economic order, a new global order.Our current institutions as is said by its representatives are anachronistic in today`s world. It is time for the world to move on and leave behind tools of oppression such as the IMF, World Bank and the United Nations Security Council.
The media will not tell you that the world is changing and very last of all will they tell you that the world is changing for the better. They will spin the Cold War story of Russia`s aggression and  conquest by imperial China but the media will never tell you that the Russian and Chinese are just people, people like you, like me. If you heard the speeches of the Chinese president your jaded ears would not believe the words he speaks because it is over half a century since we heard Kwame Nkrumah, Nasser and Lumumba telling us that we are on the brink of a new world, that we will be emancipated and that the Empire in Africa has gone and colonialism has finally ended.
this article is dedicated to Thuli Ndlovu
and with profound gratitude and respect to the Schiller Institute and its founder Helga Zepp- LaRouche.

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