Boris Johnson’s ‘New Deal’ Is To ‘Build Build Build’ Infrastructure, Science, Education, Health

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Boris Johnson’s ‘New Deal’ Is To ‘Build Build Build’ Infrastructure, Science, Education, Health

June 30 (EIRNS)—U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson presented his “New Deal” plan to “build our way out of this crisis” at a speech in Dudley today. He insisted the U.K. would not go back to “austerity,” but would build the infrastructure that had been ignored for three decades, to prepare a “platform” of infrastructure, education, a revitalized National Health Service (NHS), transport, and the “leveling up” of the nation’s sectors (building the rust belt areas that had been neglected as London prospered). It is this “platform,” he said, that will allow the private sector to invest with confidence—a Hamiltonian notion. “My friends I am not a communist,” he said. “I believe it is also the job of government to create the conditions for free market enterprise…. This is the moment to be ambitious to believe in Britain to rise to the scale of the challenge and the opportunity. If we deliver this plan together then we will together build our way back to health. We will not just bounce back.

“We will bounce forward.”

He said that “too many parts of this country have felt left behind, neglected, unloved, as though someone had taken a strategic decision that their fate did not matter as much as the metropolis…. It sounds like a New Deal and all I can say is that if so, then that is how it is meant to sound and to be, because that is what the times demand, a government that is powerful and determined and that puts its arms around people at a time of crisis, that tackles homelessness, the inequalities that drive people to food banks, because it is time now not just for a New Deal but a Fair Deal for the British people.” He said, “we will offer an Opportunity Guarantee so that every young person has the chance of apprenticeship or an in-work placement.”

He said we must take “big risks when the conditions of growth are there.” He said they would fund a new science-funding agency to back high risk, high return projects. “Though we are no longer a military superpower we can be a science superpower”

On the COVID-19 crisis, he praised those in the NHS who saved thousands of lives, “including my own,” and the industries that responded with speed to build hospitals and factories for ventilators and other medical supplies. He also said that “parts of government … seemed to respond so sluggishly,” a clear reference to the leadership of the civil service, whose leader Mark Sedwill was fired on Sunday.

Johnson called his program “Build Build Build,” which was emblazoned on his podium (he may have intentionally borrowed the phrase from President Duterte’s program for the Philippines).

President Donald Trump is thus given a supportive hand if he is to declare his own intention to draw on FDR’s New Deal and Bretton Woods, which would expose the fraud of today’s Democratic Party.

Source: EIR Daily Alert Service

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