Bloodshed in the name of New Law “Constitution amendment” in the Democratic Republic of Congo

By Raphael Bahebwa Kabambire
According to the news in Kinshasa, since Monday 19 Jan 2015 to Wednesday 21, twenty eight people were already reported killed by government police forces. Gun shots were heard on Wednesday  in Kinshasa during a police crackdown on students demonstrating by saying “Kabila get out” . This was following two days of blood-shed in the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo, an AFP reporter said.
According to Congo`s  history of war , since the country`s president Laurent Kabila was murdered with the knowledge of people in Kinshasa in 2001,  Kabila, whose so called  “father” to Joseph  toppled Mobutu in 1997. After Laurent Kabila`s assassination politicians rushed to make the young soldier head of state.
He was declared president after free elections in 2006. He began his second five-year constitutional term after a hotly disputed vote in 2011. Most of Congolese even today did not realize that the election was not approved, but full of duplicity.
Many people are arguing about situation in DRC as most of what is happening is always kept quiet. This  includes  uncovering the story of what has made the great genocide in the country. This war has been the greatest loss of life in the world since World War II. This war has brought a death of more than 11 million Congolese people murdered since 1997. Most of those numbers, are people from Kivu’s provinces, where the country is neighboring with Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.
Congolese people in the country have risen, even after international calls from some leaders and international organizations like Laurent Moswengo Pasinya, the Roman Catholic Archbishop who call on authorities to stop the violence, following the anti-Kabila protests this week. Moswengo said in his statement “certain political figures along with the law enforcement agencies, are sowing despair and creating insecurity“.
Etienne Tshisekedi, 82, who is in Europe recovering from illness, has been in opposition since the 1960s, previously taking on dictator Mobutu Sese Seko as well as Laurent Kabila. He gave the warning to the nation not to “commit irresponsible acts of provocation, plunging the nation into a total impasse that could lead to widespread chaos”.
He called out to Congolese soldiers and police forces to “protect citizens and not to obey perverse orders aimed at killing defenseless men and women.”
Even  France and the European Union called on Wednesday to “return to calm” and respect for the elections. They warned against the risk of “destabilizing” the country. Respect of elections as laid down by the constitution is central to the debate.
On the other side, opposition parties (UNC Vital Kamere, The MLC Jean-Pierre Bemba and the MLP Frank Diongo) where in accessible. According to media minister Lambert Mende, spokesperson of the Government contacted by RFI, the order has been given to disperse the protesters “to prevent them reaching the National Assembly, on behalf of the sanctity of parliament. He said that “the incidents that took place in the rest of the city, have no connection, “Still I  recognize that “there were actually some of over-flows with cases of looting in the suburb where the police I think took order. “They are  not shooting live ammunition that has been reported, and we know our friends are  very quick to dramatize things to put us in trouble”, he added.
Under these statements as the Congolese Solidarity Campaign, we are appealing to the entire world, for anyone willing to put any effort into helping stop this blood- shed in the name of  humanity. Even if our government and Mr Lambert Mende said that they know their enemy. In other ways why the Congolese government could not stop Mr Kabila with his sponsors;  stop giving the statement of remaining to power after 2016. He goes on saying that he will remain in power until 2030 and he who does not agree with him may leave the country.
The reason the protesters took to the  streets was just action against legislation that would allow Kabila to remain on in power after 2016. The same who has been in power for 14 years and nothing was happening in developing the country; to the contrary people are continuing to die to this day. As we all know : ‘prevention is better that cure’ which  is what our government is supposed to do.
In conclusion, Kabila illustrates tyranny.
Fourteen years of Joseph Kabila’s regime, fourteen years of incontestable ruin, fourteen years of endless war and massacre. The level of conflict  in the DR Congo is unique worldwide. Kabila’s criminality is unique. Kabila’s incapacity of leading the country is incontestable. Despite the unrest, worsening and unbearable insecurity and genocide; he wants to remain an eternal lord running the land, the country’s wealth and population. His insensitivity to the  scale and rate of conflict;  of his criminality,  are monstrous. There is an emergency need for him to be forced to resign, thrown out from power and expelled from the country, said Jacky Kabidu.