Bill Gates Wants You to Believe The Pandemic is Not Real

we are going down the pan unless there is a 4 Power Summit to re-organize the world…..40% of German business is insolvent..this is not due to Covid-19 but it is the de-industrialization of the Western world which is being brainwashed to adopt the Green New Deal in order to massively reduce the global population….Bill Gates and the DAVOS billionaires want you to believe there is no pandemic while war with Russia and China suits the depopulationists just fine

Source: LaRouchePAC  Videos

As Summit Potential Grows, Anti-China War Hawks Escalate Their Rhetoric

As the potential summit between the permanent members of the US Security Council, U.S.. UK, France, China, and Russia, grows greater and greater, so does the potential for it to be sabotaged by the war hawks circling the White House. It’s more important than ever that the leaders of these nations meet to strengthen their position as sovereign nations vs. an international military industrial (and financial) complex.

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