Poor? Starving?Persecuted? Well, don`t worry because George Clooney and John Prendergast are bringing you satellite surveillance. Yes, from now on Peace in Africa is going to be monitored from the sky like God. Only it`s not God watching you it`s the CIA/MI6 in the form of technology and super big – Big Brother.


 South Sudan – image from Satellite Sentinel Project

But these guys – John Prendergast and George Clooney really love Africa and Africans. Yes they do;  as long as they are poor starving and persecuted. They can smell out human suffering like mice to cheese all the way from Washington and Hollywood; they leave their bottles of champagne and fly across the world to hunt down the poor starving and persecuted.


`Humanitarians` John Prendergast and George Clooney discuss Justice in Sudan with Senator Dick Lugar. Getty image – Kris Connor 2010

It is a wonder that southern Sudan even has a flourishing population because since the 1950`s the evil Khartoum government has been recklessly murdering and starving its own citizens – so P&C will tell you. But Prendergast and Clooney are valiant soldiers working for peace in Africa and no – they are not part of an American think tank set up to promote the rape of African resources while looking gooood. Blinkered, blinded and payed very well;  P&C are looking for warlords in Sudan and DRC and not as you mistakenly might think working for warlords-  the Warlords of Westminster and Washington.

Technology is so clever these days! This satellite surveillance system which is used to monitor warlords and human rights violators in areas of Africa where there is a lot of oil and other resources has another clever use. Satellite surveillance can also detect Ebola. Yes, that is right. Satellite surveillance can smell Ebola in places like Guinea where there is the world`s second largest deposit of iron ore and Liberia and Sierra Leone where there is the world`s largest deposit of alluvial diamonds. So that is why the Big White Brothers implemented satellite surveillance at the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic – to smell out the sick.

A PR campaign to promote the corporate agenda? Well hell no – Rothschild -owned and Tony Blair promoted – Glencore Xstrata only own 49% of South Sudan`s oil rights. And if the monsters from Sudan would just stop killing and starving those in the south; then all of South Sudan’s citizens would be enjoying the fruits of liberation and democracy instead of clinging to the underside of a  motorhome for 100 miles to get to safety in Britain.