By N. Alexis
January, 25 2015

It is with great concern that the Congolese Solidarity Campaign would like to appeal to the government of Kinshasa, MONUSCO, and the international community not to use maximum force to dismantle the FDLR in the Eastern part of DR Congo. We strongly believe that any attempt against these militias, will result in the bloodshed of ordinary Congolese citizens. Our people have suffered enough since the beginning of this unjust war that was imposed on our people in the late 1996.
Since 1997, we have seen with our own eyes how the Rwandese and Ugandan armies have invaded our country in an attempt to capture what they then called “GENOCIDAIRES”. However, they deviated their mission of tracking down the FDLR and began to plunder and loot our natural resources. Since that invasion, these two western proxies continued to cross borders militarily and support different local and foreign militias which include RCD, CNDP, M23, ADF-NALLU in order to destabilize the entire Eastern part of DR Congo so that they may continue with their illicit economic exploitation at the expenses of poor Congolese people. Thus, the broken border has resulted in the loss of lives of more than 11 million ordinary Congolese people.
In order to maintain their economic exploitation, Rwanda and Uganda have decided to sacrifice our own people by creating unstable political and economic environment in the Eastern part of the country. Because of that, DR Congo is known today as a place of brutality, torture, extortion, sexual violence against women and children, the use of child soldiers, rape capital of the world and economic exploitation. These two countries are still fuelling conflicts to make sure that the indigenous people leave the region so that they can continue with their agenda of continuing plundering our resources and facilitating the balkanization of our country.
The United Nations deployed a very expensive peacekeeping force in Eastern part of the country in order to maintain peace and stability, unfortunately since their deployment our people have never seen any difference on the ground level as innocent Congolese people continue to die in their presence without any effective response to protect civilians and dismantle all the active negative forces in the Eastern part of DR Congo. This situation has led to our people believing that MONUSCO is not there to maintain peace but to make money through illicit exploitation of natural resources. Our people are confused and are still asking questions that they do not even have answers to about the presence of peacekeeping forces in the eastern part of our country.
The same peacekeeping mission, it always says that the country does not have a strong army to defend our territorial integrity. One could ask “how long does it take to build a strong army?” For almost 19 years, our government has failed its own people, army, police and all other institutions of the country. We are a nation without hope and condemned to suffer and die from birth to death.
Many attempts to disarm the FDLR have failed, KAGAME, MUSEVENI and KABILA tried it several times without bearing any positive result, and their attempts always cost the lives of ordinary Congolese people. Therefore, the Congolese Solidarity Campaign would like to plead and appeal to the United Nations,the International community, the governments of USA, France, and UK to force the so called strong man of Rwanda to hold a national reconciliation and dialogue so that FDLR can return in their country of origin, and this will enable Rwanda to build  national unity.
It is true that there was GENOCIDE in 1994, what about those who were born after that period? Are they still called “GENOCIDAIRES”? United Nations must facilitate a climate of peace and cohesion in Rwanda, thus Congolese Solidarity Campaign does not support the option of attacking the FDLR. We are now among those who believe that the governments of DR Congo and MONUSCO have also contributed to the suffering of our people. Any rational, and sensible man could ask questions to the DR Congo government and MONUSCO:
Where do these rebels of FDLR get their weapons?
Where are they located?
MONUSCO must stop this evil plan and focus on how to maintain peace and stability in DR Congo and also facilitate peace between FDLR and the government of Rwanda. The government of DR Congo should focus on building a better and safer political and economic environment for ordinary citizens because the first priority of our government is to maintain national security. The Congolese Solidarity Campaign condemns any military option against FDLR because our people will be the most affected.
Therefore our people need unity, peace, stability, justice, human rights, gender equality, good governance, development, dignity, and not military action on our soil.
United we stand, and divided we fall
God bless Africa
God bless DR Congo