Ceux qui  ne font pas la politique seront fait

“Them that don`t do politics will be done….If you don`t defend yourself by filling your mind with a true understanding of what is happening in the world then others will fill it up for you and then at some point in time use the information and conditioning that they`ve planted in your mind and heart,  to use you.

Secret Wars of the CIA John Stockwell – YouTube

A lecture by John Stockwell given in December, 1989 on the inner workings of the national security council and the CIA’s covert actions in Angola, Central America and Vietnam

“The US has had a fixation on Nicaragua since the mid-1800s. It`s been the issue of a second canal or a better canal, of different interests trying to develop it; of military interventions, of putting the marines in there half a dozen times to occupy it, to dominate it, to force elections, to control events in that country. The marines were eventually withdrawn in 1933 as a result of international pressure from the peace movement. And at that time we switched into a more subtle phase of the ancient Monroe doctrine, where instead of using marines, so much with `gun boat diplomacy`; we created a National Guard, with officers trained at our academies here in the States and then maintained control of the country by proxy without taking the heat for having our troops inside the country itself. It`s been said that this event was the birth of Neo-Colonialism. This was also the kick-off of the US policy of establishing a military oligarchy; we set up schools and trained tens of thousands of military and police officers in countries all over Latin America and Africa in some cases and Asia. Putting them through our academies, arming them, paying their salaries afterwards; trying to create and successfully creating a situation where we would have a fraternity of people in these countries in power who were more loyal to the fraternity of our own military than they were to the people of their own countries. Meanwhile this cat and mouse game we`ve played with Nicaragua since 1981 is a classic case of what CIA directors, more recently themselves call-destabilization. The point is to put pressure on the targeted government by ripping apart the social and economic fabric of the country. Now that`s words you know,` social and economic fabric`, that means making the people suffer as much as you can until the country plunges into chaos, until at some point you can step in and impose your choice of governments on that country. The rationales we`ve used in Nicaragua are classic: `we`ve been fighting Communism`;` it`s been National Security`; `there is a Marxist bastion in our back yard` and all of that. More specifically our leaders have said at first, that the purpose of this program was to interdict the flow of arms from Nicaragua to the rebels in El Salvador. Unable to prove any flow of arms whatsoever from Nicaragua into El Salvador, they eventually got onto the line which they used the last few years of: returning Nicaragua to democracy and then we point out to them Nicaragua never had a democracy, certainly not under Somoza dictatorships; so then they call it democratization of Nicaragua; ignoring the fact that Nicaragua had elections in` 84 that were much more democratic than the elections that we had in this republic. We don`t live in a democracy in the United States itself.” Source: John Stockwell, 1989. In contrast to the American backed Somoza Dynasty, the Sandinistas abolished the death sentence, even freeing the hated National Guard ,launched a nation-wide literacy campaign, built thousands of clinics and began a revolutionary land reform system to end poverty, whilst maintaining a free enterprise economy. They created a unique unity between Christianity and Marxism by turning the church into an institution for the poor instead of a representative of an oligarchy and obscene wealth. To date, Nicaragua has yet to commit a single act of aggression towards the US.” But instead of joining them and building the healthiest, most dynamic, most enthusiastic country in Central America, we spent over a billion dollars during the 80s to destabilize the country. We set out systematically to create the conditions where the farmer could not get his produce to market, where children couldn`t go to school, where women were terrified inside their homes as well as outside their homes of attack, where hospitals were treating wounded people instead of sick people, where government administration grinds to a halt, where trucks don`t run, the bridges are blown, salaries aren`t paid, you can`t get a drivers licence, all the infrastructure breaks down and of course eventually international capital is scared away and the country plunges into chaos and bankruptcy. We created the contra program beginning about 1981……..” Source: John Stockwell, part of lecture given at American University, 1989,`Secret Wars of the CIA`, uploaded on YouTube by Reddebrek.

In Chile economic war was waged on the genuinely elected government of Salvador Allende, in Kissinger’s own words “to make the Chilean economy scream” which resulted in the government`s overthrow in a US led coup in 1973. $350.5 million of World Bank and IMF loans then flowed freely to the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet who during a 17 year reign of terror `disappeared` in excess of 130 000 people. What has been done to Central and South America is mirrored all across Africa.

The purpose of the destabilization, along with the fully intended economic collapse caused by the implementation of IMF/World Bank structural adjustment programs, has been to withhold INDUSTRIALIZATION from African countries, economic progress , for the continuance of this resources-rich land mass as a raw materials market for the extractives corporations of the City of London and the continuance of financial hegemony over Africa and much of the world by the oligarchical imperial power of the British Empire.

What has been happening across the world from Asia to Central and South America to Africa has been aptly called the Third World War by John Stockwell. The Third World War has been occurring in the Third World since the 1960s, the restructuring of power , cultural annihilation and the halt of economic progress/ industrialization. The accumulated death toll from Cambodia, Vietnam, East Timor, Nicaragua, Chile, Columbia, Zaire, Angola, Mozambique and all runs into millions. An estimate of 80-90% of these deaths has been civilians, whether by violence, displacement, disease or starvation.

In  this speech given 1989, John Stockwell outlined the phrase he coined in the mid-eighties –the Third World War…”as I realized we were not attacking the Soviet Union in the CIA`s activities, we were attacking people in the Third World……In terms of loss of life and human destruction the third bloodiest war in all of history. They undertake to run operations in every corner of the globe. They also undertook the licence of totally operating above and beyond the US laws………We have massive documentation of what are called the secret wars of the CIA, we don’t have to guess or speculate, we had the Church Committee investigate them in 1975, gave us our first really in depth, powerful look into this structure. Senator Church said in the fourteen years before he did his investigations, that he found they had run 900 major operations and 3000 minor operations and if you extrapolate that over the whole forty odd years that we`ve had a CIA you come up with 3000 major operations and over 10 000 minor operations, every one of them illegal, every one of them destructive of the lives and societies of other peoples and many of them bloody and gory beyond comprehension almost. Extensively we manipulated and organized the overthrow of functioning constitutional democracies in other countries. We organized secret armies in other countries and directed them to fight in just about every continent in the world. We encouraged ethnic minorities to rise up and fight; people like the Mesquite Indians in Nicaragua, and the Kurds in the Middle East. We have organized and still do fund death squads in countries around the world like the Treasury Police in El Salvador which were responsible for most of the killings of the 50 000 people just in the eighties and there were 70 000 before that.…CIA secret teams and propaganda led us directly into the Korean War. We were attacking China from the islands…,Thailand, Tibet…a lot of drug trafficking involved in this by the way…until eventually we convinced ourselves to fight the Chinese in Korea. And we had the Korean War in which 1 million people were killed. The same thing for the Vietnam War and we had extensive documentation of how the CIA was involved at every level of the National Security Complex into manipulating the nation into the Vietnam War. And we wound up creating the Golden Triangle in which the CIA, Air America airplanes were flying in arms to our allies and flying back out with the heroin. We launched …the operation in Afghanistan, the biggest single operation I`m told in the history of the CIA`s secret wars and sure enough very quickly we produced the Golden Crescent which is still the largest source of heroin perhaps in the world today. I’m trying to summarize this Third World War that the CIA, the US National Security Complex with the military all interwoven into it in many different ways, has been waging. Let me just put it this way: the best heads that I could co-ordinate with, studying this thing, we count at least, minimum figure, 6 million people who`ve been killed in this long forty year war that we`ve waged against the people of the Third World. These are not Soviets. We have not been parachuting teams into the Soviet Union to kill and hurt and maim people, especially, actually not since 1954 when they developed capabilities of dropping atomic weapons onto the United States. They aren`t British, French, Swedes, Swiss, Belgians, we don`t do bloody gory operations in the countries of Europe. These are all people of the Third World, people of countries like the Congo, Vietnam, Kampuchea, Indonesia, Nicaragua, where conspicuously they nor their governments do not have the capability of doing any physical hurt to the United States. They don’t have ICBMs, they don’t have armies or navies, they could not hurt us if they wanted to and there’s rarely been any evidence that they wanted to. And that in fact, is perhaps the whole point. If they had had ICBMs we probably wouldn’t have done the things to them that we have for fear of retaliation. Cheap shots if you will, killing people of other countries of the world who cannot defend themselves, under the guise of secrecy and under the rubric of national security.” Source: John Stockwell, The US/World Security State, speech given at Centre for Action, You Tube uploader: seldir

John Stockwell was the CIA Task Officer stationed in Angola, mid 1970s. It was his job to instigate civil war in Angola. He left the CIA and wrote among other books, IN SEARCH OF ENEMIES, in which he documented the CIA operation in Angola.