America`s Proxy War on Syria on behalf of Wall Street and the City of London

this is one of the most truthful and extraordinary speeches ever given by an American senator

Source: Schiller Institute

The True Interests of the United States: Senator Black Addresses Schiller Conference


Published on Jul 22, 2018

U.S. State Senator Richard Black from Virginia addressed the June 30, 2018 Schiller Institute conference via video on “The True Interest of the United States.” The Senator very strongly denounced the “undeclared U.S. war against the Syrian people,” waged against a country which is actually the center of gravity of the global war on terrorism. The U.S. has trained, armed and funded the emergence of jihadism, he charged, in order to force a regime change in Syria which is in no way in the interest of the United States. In fact, prior to 2012, Syria was one of the five safest countries in the world.

Today, the Syrian people stand behind their elected leaders and the army has re-conquered 90% of the national territory, but those foreign forces supporting the jihadists (i.e., the U.S., UK, Saudi Arabia and Qatar) still hope to split off the northeast of the country. The regime change operation, Black noted, is justified with the accusation that President Assad used chemical weapons against his own population, but that has no credibility. U.S. foreign policy in Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere in South-West Asia, he charged, has spawned huge armies of terrorists. Is the U.S. deploying its “courageous soldiers” as a kind of “foreign legion for hire,” he asked. Nations forced to choose between the bombs dropped and the bloodshed caused by the U.S., and the roads, dams and factories built by China, will inevitably opt for the non-aggressive approach of the Chinese.

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