All our futures are at stake while Russiagate fraud persists

as Harley Schlanger from the Schiller Institute says in this interview, there are incredible things happening in this world, a massive shift towards the New Paradigm , a humanity-centred world as oppose to a money-centred world. The neo-con Neanderthals in Washington, the believers in Britain`s monetarist system are doing all they can to get President Trump removed in order to stop America from joining the New Silk Road and actually working with China and Russia instead of warmongering. It is vital that the Russiagate saga is exposed as the fraud that it is. The same warmongering Neanderthals that hate Trump because of his overtures of friendship to Putin, hate the idea of African industrialization. That is why their mielie-mouthed media outlets are saying that China is sinking Africa into debt. That is one whopping huge lie! China is helping Africa to become the next economic power hub.


Hanging with Harley   7 September 2018

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