AIDS – ” I agree that this is a genocide” – Prof. of Medical Science

Christl Meyer has proven that the HIV virus does not exist.

She has studied at the University of Marburg, Germany. Her qualifications include chemistry, bio-chemistry, biology, microbiology and virology.

“It was later that I did my research on AIDS and HIV but with this background it was very interesting to do research in this area.”

She discovered that what looks like the HIV virus is actually a gene in our immune system.

“Yes, I found out by doing research when I taught the students in Belize, Central America, in microbiology that the genes of our immune system that are called h—genes are the cause for testing positive because they are very variable and by gene expression we produce RNA and proteins and these just make the test positive but nothing is coming from outside, it is a production from inside and it does not mean we are sick or have a disease.”

HIV testing is not standardized

“Yes, the tests are not standardized. They vary all over the world. So you can take a test in Africa and fly with your result to France. If you were tested positive in Africa you are negative in France. And let us say you test positive in Germany, go with your result to Australia, you would be named negative. …because there is no standard.The virus has never been proved. without a standard you cannot really establish a test system and the tests vary all over the world and they change from time to time.”

What is your view of the treatment of this non-existent virus, does it actually harm people?

“The medical treatment at first was very hard because it was really high doses of AZT and this really disturbs DNA and this was a problem for those who had to take the medication because they died of the drugs. And now the drugs today, we have more drugs but they are not as harmful but if there is no virus we have to treat just the diseases people have because there is  no new disease. It is just old diseases with a new name.”

So you are actually saying that the treatment could be more harmful than the disease?

“You see the normal thing for a medical doctor is to find out which disease a patient has, do their analysis and then treat. So if you have a wrong diagnosis the treatment is also not the best.”

You mention that certain flu vaccines had to be taken off the market because people who take these vaccines could test positive for HIV.

“Yes, there was recently a flu vaccine that was retracted from the market. They did not say they retracted it because of the positive testing after the vaccine although it is in the leaflet but they said it is because of minor side effects.”

So it is actually in the leaflet that someone who takes this flu vaccine can test positive?

“Yes, it is in the leaflet”

So someone who takes this vaccine could be falsely diagnosed positive and be given these harmful drugs?

“Yes, and it is also like this – people are trying to find a vaccine against HIV. And if you give a shot against HIV you will test positive, that`s normal, because after vaccination you test positive for the antibodies.”

So the vaccine is really giving people HIV?

“If they will do it and there are tests then they will test positive that`s why they do research to find out which positive test comes from a vaccine and which does not come from a vaccine. But this absolutely makes no sense.”

Why do so many people in Africa test positive for the HIV virus ?

“Africa is just a special genetic factor because people have different genes. It does not mean they have disease genes, they just test more often positive because of their background.”

So basically the HIV test is testing for a certain genetic factor ?

“Yes, it is testing for gene expression factors.”

Is it testing then for a specific genetic factor which is very common in Africa?

“Yes, it is testing for this and it is more common in Africa than in other parts of the world.”

And African people then receive this very harmful treatment?

“Yes, if healthy people receive this harmful treatment this really is a genocide.”

Can you tell me about pregnant women?

“Yes, pregnant women produce more antibodies instead of attacking the strange cells because the foetus in their body has 50% genes of the father. That is why they have to shift the immune system to produce more antibodies because this protects the foetus from attack.”

What about diseases like malaria or tuberculosis?

“Some of the people in Africa suffer from these diseases and also from a lack of pure drinking water. And that is why they are sick but the diseases have to be diagnosed correctly and treated correctly.”

Are they often misdiagnosed as HIV?

“There is often a misdiagnosis as HIV and also medical doctors say if they say people are HIV positive they will receive much more money and more funding instead of if they say the patient has TB or malaria,”

Why do you think so many homosexuals are diagnosed with HIV?

“Homosexuals might have an overload of proteins which make them positive in the test and also in former times, I don`t know if now, homosexuals took drugs to have a good time and they just had problems with drugs and this also turned the test positive.”

So there is no correlation between homosexuality and HIV ?

“There is no correlation between homosexuality and the virus. There might be some allergy against the proteins from the partner but this is like a normal allergy and not a disease but this could render the test positive.”

So it sounds to me like this is some kind of genocide against Africa, against pregnant women who are producing the next generation and against homosexuals. Would you agree with this?

“I agree that this is a genocide.”

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AIDS is a hoax! Biologist Christl Meyer explodes the HIV/AIDS conspiracy



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